Photo of Donald Trump Sitting with Liberace Is A Digital Fake

By Erica Abbott

Wikimedia Commons

An image purportedly showing President Donald Trump sitting next to performer Liberace is a digitally-manipulated fake. While Trump has been featured alongside Liberace in another photo, the image in question originally featured an Academy Award-winning actor.

According to Snopes, the Photoshopped image was shared by Twitter accounts such as Trump Snapshots, a page that has posted several fake photos of Trump. The fake photo appears to show Trump sitting with flamboyant pianist Liberace. The image, however, is not real. The original image actually shows Liberace and actor Christopher Walken—just one of many photos in the LIFE Picture Collection. The initial photo was flipped and, using a photo of Trump’s head, made to look like the two were sitting together.

Donald and Liberace, 80s?

— Trump Snapshots (@trumpsnapshots) June 5, 2017

While the above photo is fake, Trump was featured in another photo within the LIFE Picture Collection. The real photo shows Trump and Liberace standing next to a “pet” polar bear. This photo, however, does not have anything to do with the digitally-manipulated image that originally featured Walken, except for the fact that they were part of the same collection.

Trump has been Photoshopped into other strange or embarrassing photos, including ones in which he can be seen wearing a diaper, getting diarrhea on the golf course, looking fat and disgusting while tweeting at Mar-a-Lago and appearing in an unflattering golf course photo. One viral photo of Trump that is genuine shows the president wearing a bathrobe. Many of the fake photos were shared along with the claim that they were leaked by the Russians. They are, however, nothing more than Photoshopped images that place Trump into compromising situations.

Have you seen the fake image of Donald Trump sitting with Liberace circulating social media? What are your thoughts on the digitally-manipulated photos of Trump? Sound off in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Allan Warren, Wikimedia Commons

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