Photo of Donald Trump Praying with Evangelical Leaders in Oval Office Draws Praise, Criticism

By Erica Abbott


A photo of President Donald Trump praying with evangelical leaders in the Oval Office is capturing the attention of both supporters and critics alike on social media. Earlier this week, several Christian leaders met with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for a prayer gathering and, while some praised the photo, others criticized it.

“Really wonderful visit with @POTUS & @VP after an all day meeting w/evangelical leaders & the WH Office of Public Liaison, Y’day,” Johnnie Moore, a former senior vice president at Liberty University, tweeted. “Such an honor to pray within the Oval Office for @POTUS & @VP .” Trump, Pence and the Christian leaders can be seen bowing their heads in prayer.

Such an honor to pray within the Oval Office for @POTUS & @VP .

— Johnnie Moore ن (@JohnnieM) July 12, 2017

The photo, according to the HuffPost, shows the laying on of hands, a common prayer form in numerous Christian traditions. The laying on of hands is “used for ordination, confirmation, baptism and a number of other rites of passage, as well as during prayer, and is meant to invoke God’s blessing for the person on the receiving end.” Many people, however, took issue with praying in the Oval Office, in addition to the fact that the moment was not kept private. Others praised the moment.

Moore explained that they prayed for former President Barack Obama in a similar fashion. “We similarly prayed for President Obama but it’s different with President Trump,” he told CNN. “When we are praying for President Trump, we are praying within the context of a real relationship, of true friendship.”

In the 2016 presidential election, 81 percent of white evangelical Christians voted for Trump. Conservative Christians are considered to be some of his biggest supporters.

Take a look at the divided reactions to Trump’s prayer photo on social media below:

Social Media Reacts to Photo of Donald Trump and Evangelical Leaders Praying in Oval Office

“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen.”

— Laura Turner (@lkoturner) July 12, 2017

Separation of church and state…

— Michael Deibert (@michaelcdeibert) July 12, 2017

Please join us in covering POTUS and VPOTUS with prayer

— Jack Graham (@jackngraham) July 12, 2017

The way Trump uses religiosity and valor to hide behind makes me sick. He has never been a religious or honorable man in his life.

— Robin’s Resisting (@puppymnkey) July 12, 2017

This is the scariest shit I’ve seen all day.
1. Touching him… ewwww
2. The holier-than-thou bullshit being laid on thick -HYPOCRISY!

— Southern Libtard (@SouthernLibtard) July 12, 2017

Matthew 6:6 says when you pray you should do so behind closed doors & in secret. I guess Matthew 6:7 must say “but Go to the full article.

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