Oprah Winfrey Being Caught In ‘Disgusting Sex Scandal’ After Actress Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Sex Trafficking Is Fake News

By Erica Abbott

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Reports that Oprah Winfrey was caught in a “disgusting sex scandal” after an aspiring British actress accused Harvey Weinstein of sex trafficking are false. While Kadian Noble did file a lawsuit against the disgraced Hollywood producer, Winfrey was not “caught” in any sex scandal.

According to a Gossip Cop report, the fake claim was published on World Today 365, a disreputable/clickbait news and entertainment website. The article claimed that Winfrey helped Weinstein “procure victims” and “actively participated in serving her [Noble] up” to the entertainment mogul. It purported:

Everyone knew that Harvey Weinstein was among the worst predators in the heterosexual community. Oprah Winfrey, who considers herself presidential timber, was a good friend of Weinstein. Surely a person with presidential aspirations wasn’t blind to what was going on around her.

And yet she said nothing to the aspiring young starlets she came into contact with. Now Oprah’s silence is being cited in one young hopeful’s lawsuit against Weinstein.

Aspiring British actress Kadian Noble held a press conference in New York to announce the lawsuit against Weinstein. She is claiming that both Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell actively participated in serving her up to Weinstein because they were “swinging off his arm” when they introduced her to him and they failed to warn her that he always demanded sex in return for his career help.

The article, however, is entirely fabricated. Winfrey is not involved or connected to the allegations made by Noble or the Weinstein scandal overall, nor is she a Democratic presidential hopeful as the title suggests. Boston.com reports that Noble “met Weinstein by chance in 2014 at an after-party for the British Academy Film Awards, where he introduced her to Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell, and she felt dazzled and lucky when he said he was interested in her.” She filed a lawsuit under a criminal sex trafficking statute last month in which she alleges that Weinstein later sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in France.

Nowhere has she suggested, however, that Winfrey “enabled” or “participated in serving her up” to Weinstein—the fake claim appears to have originated on the Conservative Post, which is described by the Media Bias/Fact Check website as a questionable, extreme-right source that publishes propaganda and fake news.

Aspiring actress Kadian Noble accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting her in a Cannes hotel room after he pretended to be interested in her career https://t.co/Ts9aB3noOZ pic.twitter.com/DUPfZfWuXr

— Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) November 29, 2017

Following the New York Times‘ report on Weinstein’s decades-long history of sexual harassment in October, Winfrey reacted to the news on Facebook and thanked those who had come forward. “Thanks to the brave voices we’ve heard this week, many more will now be emboldened to come forward EVERY time this happens,” Winfrey wrote in the post. “I believe a shift is coming.” She also called the scandal a “watershed moment” in an interview with “CBS This Morning.”

Since the New York Times report Go to the full article.

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