Not Ready for Cloud Security? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do in the Meantime

By Travis Wilkins

If you are currently running an on-premise or hybrid environment with an eye to eventually making a complete transition to the cloud, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything that needs to change in order for your security posture to be appropriate for this new environment. In this post, we’re going to explain how you can start where you are, take small but meaningful steps, and still make important progress toward where you want to be — operating securely in the cloud.

Without trying to boil the ocean, here are five key steps you can take to gently kickstart your transition toward a fully secure, all-cloud environment, no matter where you are today.

1. Know Where You Are in Your Journey

First of all, you need to be honest and clear about where you actually stand today. How much of your environment is on-premise right now? How much is in the cloud? How much of each is secured according to relevant best practices?

If you do have a good portion of your infrastructure in a public cloud, then you’ll want to take stock of how far you’ve come with meeting best practices for that particular environment. For example, if you have some applications running AWS, then you might want to take our security assessment, which will enable you to audit your cloud infrastructure in minutes and obtain a very clear sense of what the best next steps are to increase your security maturity.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, being realistic about your current stance is essential to making decisions that will help you steadily improve over time.

2. Understand There’s Security for Organizations of Every Size

One misunderstanding that we commonly run into is the idea that security maturity and organization size necessarily or naturally correlate. In some cases, this notion can be used as an excuse to put off a proactive approach to security. Some smaller organizations, for example, presume that they don’t need to prioritize security in the early stages of a company’s development. They’ll have plenty of time to do it later — and anyway, no one’s going to target an SMB, right? (OK, you’ve probably read the headlines and know that this is far from the case.)

The fact is, how seriously you take security should have little to do with the size of your operation and a great deal to do with the risk of ignoring security. Depending on your industry sector, customer type, and risk factors, there are most likely some very compelling reasons to start your security journey sooner rather than later. We don’t say that to fear monger, but rather to convey the reality that, whether you’re ready to start taking security seriously today or not, putting it off indefinitely is not the best approach.

3. Make Environment Visibility Your Goal

When you start thinking about security — what tools to adopt, what best practices to follow, where to focus your energies — it can be overwhelming. We believe it helps to have a central goal that Go to the full article.

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