Network as a Service: Breaking New Ground to Deliver Unprecedented Efficiencies in Cloud Networking

By Chris Nelson

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On its face, one wouldn’t think that a tire shop, even a successful one, would have very complex technology needs. Outside of basic point of sale and inventory management, there can’t be much tech needed to break down, mount, and balance a set of wheels and tires, right?

Actually, this is a perfect case study on how complex even relatively low-tech business operations have become.

A mid-western company providing tire, wheel, and auto services approached CBTS with a serious problem. The company was founded in 1976 and grew to 103 locations in the intervening period, and they were facing some serious challenges to continue growth.

The biggest challenge was frequent outages as a result of an aging legacy network based on copper wire technology. Nearly as concerning was the existing software, which allowed for only very limited customer analytics. They also were unable to provide their customers with the quality on-location Wi-Fi that they expected.

One can imagine how frustrating it must be to manage a business focused on tire sales while only knowing where all your tires are some of the time.

Managed Cloud Network as a Service was an ideal solution for this set of challenges, and CBTS set up a system customized to the company’s needs. They added redundancy by providing seamless failover between multiple, diverse connections. As a result, downtime at branches has been reduced 10%.

They further implemented advanced equipment and technology using cutting-edge Auto VPN technology, which has lowered costs and delivered a better experience. They leveraged this upgraded tech to create improved Wi-Fi, which improved the customer experience, optimizing revenue opportunities at branch locations.

The results? This Hosted and Managed Network as a Service product is generating cost savings of approximately 40% (reduced by nearly $50,000). It also allows the company to generate valuable analytics through customer transaction data.

Even better, the company is now generating revenue through its Wi-Fi network by selling advertising to tire vendors on its customer authentication page.

If all that is possible for a tire business, imagine what is possible for other businesses, especially those who rely even more heavily on technology.

Here are a couple additional examples:

• CBTS’ Managed Cloud Network as a Service solution helped a concrete contracting company reduce the time to open a new store location by 66%, increased their internet speeds ten-fold while reducing their network costs by 87%, and realized cost savings for operation labor by up to 30%.

• Their Hosted and Managed Network as a Service implementation for a door and window manufacturer in based Cincinnati (but with locations across the U.S.) resulted in a cost savings of approximately 50% while increasing speed and improving customer satisfaction.

Cloud Networking NaaS from CBTS has a proven capacity to improve efficiency, increase access to critical data, and grow customer satisfaction, all while Go to the full article.

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