National Geographic Purchasing Video Footage Of Destructive Tornadoes For $1 Million Is False

By Shawn Rice

National Geographic buying a video that allegedly shows several destructive tornadoes is false. The popular magazine on interests such as geography, archaeology and natural science did not purchase video for $1 million showing the recording of a series of destructive tornadoes. Rather, the video actually is of computer-generated special effects from the movie, Into the Storm.

The video has been seen over 81 million times. Where did this video originate? In September 2017, the United States and other countries around the world were experiencing many cases of extreme weather. As a result of all this bizarre and dangerous weather, a video was posted on Facebook showing a string of destructive tornadoes. The claim was that the National Geographic bought the video for $1 million.

However, the claim is false, according to Snopes. Their research shows that the majority of the footage actually comes from the 2014 movie Into the Storm. Some social media users believed the claim despite there being a lack of contextual information, such as where and when these tornados occurred.

Into the Storm is a 2014 American found footage disaster film directed by Steven Quale, written by John Swetnam, starring Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies. The film was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on August 8, 2014. It is a meteorological disaster film about a rash of tornadoes striking Silverton, Oklahoma. You can see the full trailer for the film at the bottom of the page.

Snopes noted that scenes from the video are visible in the below compilation video showing “all tornado destruction scenes” from the movie Into the Storm. Therefore, it would appear that the claim that National Geographic purchased this video for $1 million is false.

Here are some examples of people sharing the false claim on social media.

National Geographic paid this guy $1 Million for a video of a tornado! I now understand storm chasers lol .

— KungFu Kitten?? (@bitemypinkx) September 12, 2017

#Video: #NationalGeographic pays $1 million for this clip of devastation by tornado

— Express Indian (@ExpressIndianEI) September 4, 2017

The power of nature

— Harris Samaras (@HarrisSamaras) September 9, 2017


National Geographic paid 1 Million for Video!

Prophet DDK

— D`D`K` (@thewhitequeen11) September 8, 2017

National Geographic channel has paid $1 million for this daring video

— Pis (@HafizRahimz) September 3, 2017

Here is the synopsis of Into the Storm: As a new day begins in the town of Silverton, its residents have little reason to believe it will be anything other than ordinary. Mother Nature, however has other plans. In the span of just a few hours, an unprecedented onslaught of powerful tornadoes ravages Silverton. Storm trackers predict that the worst is still to come, as Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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