My Product is Better Than Yours

By Michael Bellina

Why, you ask? How do I know? Because I said so. Didn’t you read my website? Don’t you know that because I said it on my website, it’s true. That, my friends, is the attitude of some when it comes to selling their services on the web.

The truth of the matter is that we all have competition in our businesses. I don’t care how unique your product or service is, you have competition. You may think you do not, but to the uninitiated consumer, they will compare your unique product to what they know. It is up to you to start the differentiation process. Regardless of whether your product is unique or if it is pretty much the same as your competition, you need to separate yourself and earn the trust of the customer before they will buy from you.

Start with identifying the problem

Start with, why are they coming to my site? Not because they need something, go deeper. Think about the frame of mind they are in when they go to your site. Are they upset? Are they anxious? What problem do they have?

Much of your website traffic is going to be tire-kickers. They are in the exploratory stage of the buying cycle but why did they get to you in the first place? Be empathetic to their situation when they get to your site. Let them know you understand what they are going through and that you are here to help.

Offer the solution

Use that empathy to offer the solution for which they are looking. You may offer many different services but I can’t imagine that they are so disparate that you can’t summarize the needs of a visitor and be empathetic to them. Yes, even Amazon fits into this category as they identified shipping as a problem they could solve for visitors and invented Prime. Make the visitor know you understand the issue they are facing and that you relate to them.

For example if you are a lawyer think of it this way. Someone just got a DWI. He’s upset and not sure what to do next. He’s afraid he may lose his license. He comes to your site. What will he be looking for and what will reassure him that you are the right choice to defend him? How you answer that question could make the difference between this person choosing you or someone else. This is being empathetic to their situation.

Why you?

I know, you have great customer service and really concentrate on the needs of the customer. So does everyone else. Can you show me someone who touts that they can give a fart about their customers and their service has much to be desired? That might be the case but they are not going to say it. Really think about how you are different.

Because you have more diplomas than a Penn State graduation is impressive but how does that translate. I know as an uninitiated consumer you are really smart but can you solve my Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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