Michael Conor Performs ‘A Little More’ For ABC’s Boy Band Audition [Video]

By Shawn Rice

This very gifted 17-year old is full of surprises. Michael Conor has always had a gift with words and as soon as he learned his ABC’s, he could recite them backwards. Now, the aspiring rapper can freestyle with the best of them. Michael is a classically trained violinist but his true calling is hip-hop.

He comes from a family that didn’t support his rapping at first until they noticed his success. He is always struggled to find a group of kids that he could fit in with who matched his love for music, so the idea of joining a Boy Band is exciting to him.

This 17-year-old prodigy is sure to impress on the stage. Michael has always been drawn to music, but it wasn’t until he was asked to rap for a 7th grade history project that he realized he had a gift for it. The class and his teacher responded so well to his rapping, they encouraged him to continue.

Michael is confident and knows how talented he his. He truly believes that he can make the boy band something truly different from anything the world has ever seen.

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Boy Band Social Media Reactions

my brother @Conor216 really putting on right now

proud of bro

— austin skinner (@1500skinner) June 24, 2017

just watched it ? good shit my dude!! blown away. #theLand ????

— Young Gunner (@machinegunkelly) June 23, 2017

@Conor216 and @JHypeOfficial are my literal faves and deserve to go all the way! #BoyBand

— Char ✨ (@shxtmichael) June 23, 2017


— pauline (@aIIthehate) June 3, 2017

I want to listen to this on repeat for the rest of my life

— heather (@gavinsgoldfish) June 1, 2017

“Boy Band” is a new series where talented singers battle it out to become a member of the next great music sensation. And for the first time ever, viewers at home will vote for their favorite five band members, live, creating a group America can truly call its own.

Host Rita Ora welcomed 30 aspiring stars into the ABC studio, but only lucky 18 contestants make the grade. They’re then split into boy bands of six and guided by pop heavyweights. During every live show, each group will have their chance to perform before the judges who will then put two contestants up for elimination.

The chosen two will then perform their solo “survival” song to fight to stay in the competition. Who survives and who is eliminated comes down to you, the voting viewers at home.

In the finale, five winners will get to perform their brand new single together as a group and earn a recording deal with Hollywood Records.

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