Melania Trump Telling Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters to ‘Move Back to India’ Is A Hoax

By Erica Abbott



Did Melania Trump, wife of President-elect Donald Trump and future First Lady, say that the Native Americans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline should “move back to India”? This claim is fake.

An image of Melania Trump was posted on Fox News The FB Page, an entertainment page that often mocks and satirizes public figures. The quote on the image, purportedly from Trump, read:

“I don’t know much about this pipe issue, but i do know many people have fought and died for this country. If all these Indians hate America so much, they should pack their things and move back to India.”

The caption accompanying the photo said, “POLICE FEND OFF ATTACKS BY PROTESTERS AT DAKOTA PIPELINE” and posed the question, “What do you think about Indian terrorists and how President Trump should handle them in his new administration?” According to Snopes, the page previously posted fake quotes from President Barack Obama and Carly Fiorina as well.

Fox News The FB Page

Fox News The FB Page

Police did, in fact, come in contact with protesters late Sunday and early morning near the Oceti Sakowin “Water Protector” camp. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and freezing cold water to disperse a crowd of about 400 people, according to NBC News. More than 150 “water protectors” were injured, including some who had to be treated for hypothermia. The Dakota Access Pipeline protests have been going on for months. The builder of the pipeline has said that they are “enthusiastic” about Trump’s presidency, given that he has vowed “to dismantle Obama’s climate change and environmental policies.”

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Photo credit: Disney | ABC Television Group, Flickr

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