Maria Elena Boschi, Italian Lawmaker, In A Thong Leaning Over Desk Is A Doctored Image

By Shawn Rice

Maria Elena Boschi, an Italian lawmaker, seen in a photograph accidentally showing her thong while leaning over a desk is a doctored image. There is no truth to an image seeming to show Boschi exposing her thong while leaning over a desk in front of several men. Nonetheless, Boschi was targeted for ridicule despite the image being manipulated. The image is doctored, according to Snopes.

Rather, a troll appeared to have photoshopped a real image to create one where Boschi is humiliated for having to “appear” to show a thong while attending her swearing-in ceremony. Boschi was sworn in as Minister for Constitutional Reforms and Relations with the Parliament in February 2014. However, this manipulated image began circulating social media again in October 2017.

To further complicate things, some comments mistook Boschi for U.S. First Lady Melania Trump.

Here is a comparison of the manipulated image (left) and the real photograph (right):

At the time, Boschi also faced sexist remarks for simply wearing this blue suit:

In particular the electric blue trouser suit worn by Maria Elena Boschi, 33, the new minister for reform, was described by Corriere della Sera as a colour “unknown in nature”.

La Stampa likened the blue of Ms Boschi’s suit to that worn by “a Marvel superhero like Captain America”, adding that her trousers were so tight that when she bent over to sign in as minister “many were reminded of Pippa Middleton’s silhouette.”

Here are some examples of people sharing the digitally manipulated image on social media.

Hilarious!!! Italian Minister Maria Elena Boschi Displays Her Thong Underwear During Her Swearing-In

— Bright ritrovato (@Allseasonbeauty) December 21, 2016

Thong AND stiletto heels- Italian man’s dream “Italy’s new Minister of Constitutional Reform, Elena Boschi, signs in”

— Meta-omnia (@Metaomnia) May 8, 2014

Thong-Minister? RT @_cypherpunks_: The signing in of the new Italian minister, Maria Elena Boschi. #HowToGetFollowers

— David J. Atkinson (@dontmeanathing) May 3, 2014

A big salute for the Minister for Constitutional Reforms of Italy, Maria “Thong” Boschi! You show us the way!

— Marx Wegener (@DarwinLimousine) May 2, 2014

The Minister for Constitutional Reforms of Italy, Maria Thong Boschi.

— 「 ᗪᕼ߷ᖇᗰᗩ 」 (@nisconi) April 10, 2014

@jpmungan: The Minister for Constitutional Reforms of Italy Maria Boschi. #SexyMinister #gstring #thong #whaletail.

— justcreepin (@justcreepin2) June 2, 2014

On Oct. 19, Boschi said during the opening ceremony of the 10th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona that Italy is determined to promote economic dialogue with Russia and countries of Eurasia.

“Italy has consistently played the role of the organizer of the dialogue and the author of constructive relations with the countries of Eurasia. We remain an open channel for communication with Russia, China and other states concerned,” Maria Elena Boschi said.

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