Lead Conversion — 5 Contact Page Tweaks to Help You Convert More Leads

By Niraj Rout

Lead conversion is something every business owner and marketer struggles with, but lead conversion is the endpoint of a long process of building trust through content.

All the content on your website has a single purpose — establishing trust with potential customers.

But the trust dies the minute they see an issue on your contact page.

The whole point of having a contact page is to make sure prospects have both correct contact information and easy access to customer support reps.

In fact, 51% of users believe that thorough contact information is the most important element on any website. Thus, a poor contact page can kill your conversions in a jiffy.

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Lead Conversion Depends on a Good Contact Page

Let’s get one thing straight: If you’re expecting to get any conversions, from simple contacts all the way to high-value sales, you have to first build trust with your potential customers — no one is going to buy from a website they don’t trust.

A faulty contact page with unnecessary, incorrect, or misleading info is not going to go over well with prospects. In fact, 44% of website visitors will bounce off your website (and likely never return) if they don’t get relevant contact information.

If you just felt a surge of anxiety and realized that your contact page is not up to the mark, you don’t have to go through the painful process of an entire makeover for the page. With some smart and cost effective tweaks, you can use the contact page to drive business growth.

So let’s dive into this topic: lead conversion optimization. Here are five contact page tweaks to help your convert more.

1. Get Your Grammar (and Punctuation) Right

Let’s eat dad!

Let’s eat, dad!

Such silly punctuation mistakes can make your brand a laughing stock of the internet world, or at the very least, make you lose trust in the eyes of your customers.

Users might engage with you for cheap laughs, but they are never going to buy from you. The minute you get your commas or P’s and Q’s wrong, 59% of prospects are already running out the door.

To establish contact page credibility, come up with a solid proofreading system that leaves no opening for grammar nazis to attack. If your contact page copy uses jargon and slang to grab attention that’s acceptable, only if you know the rules well and know when (and how) to break them.

Here are few tips on how you can come up with a proofreading system that allows prospects to build trust:

  • Beware homonyms — carefully check words that share the same spelling or When you put your content before your design, your customers are the ones who benefit — learn more.pronunciation but have different meanings. Be extra cautious of words like complement and Go to the full article.

    Source:: Business 2 Community

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