Killer Web Design Hacks That Will Actually Work for Your Agency

By Saher Naseem

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Is your website getting a large number of visitors but not giving you the quality results you want? Efficiently directing your visitors and persuading them to convert is not an easy feat and there is no shortcut to achieve overnight success.

Ecommerce is the fastest growing industry, and it is expected that ecommerce sales will increase up to $523 billion by 2020. This would open a number of opportunities for online shoppers. For online business owners, optimizing their business websites needs to be a top priority, if they really want to reach their milestones. This is the reason, competition is getting tougher day by day.

There are a number of online shopping platforms presents all around the globe, and users have no problem bouncing from one website to another in order to find their desired products. With the limitless number of options available literally at their fingertips, it is important for web marketers to go beyond to meet consumers’ needs and desires in the best way possible.

In many cases, a business website just needs a few user interface tweaks to boost conversion rates, as opposed to a full website redesign. No matter what tweaks and adjustments need to be made, it is always wise to think carefully before you do it. It is highly advised to work with careful planning and A/B testing in order to track results, and opt for strategies that lead to better results and determine which ones should be ignored or improved upon. In short, optimizing your website is a task that needs to be constantly updating.

Here, I’ve listed amazing website hacks that marketers can use to improve website design in order to increase the conversion rates.

Speed up Your Website

Do you know the normal human attention span is as low as 8 seconds? Keeping this factor in mind, everything related to the web, no matter if it is a website or a mobile app, needs to function smoothly, and above all, fast. Website loading time is also an important factor, especially when it comes to search engine rankings. And if you want to sell your business online, prospective customers will don’t think for a second to abandon your website if the speed is too slow.

If truth be told, a fast website is the key to get your customers glued to your website. There are so many factors that can greatly contribute to decreasing webpage speed. And if you have tried all the tweaks such as improving your web design, compressing the size of images and codes, reducing your forms fields, eliminating unnecessary plugins, then more likely, you will need to double check your web host.

If a host is the real reason behind your slow website speed, don’t waste your time on quitting your provider, as there are countless better options available. Just make sure that you use a well-suited hosting provider based on your CMS. If you use WordPress to develop your website, it is advised to opt for some fastest WordPress Go to the full article.

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