Kid Rock Found Dead Following Meth Lab Explosion In His Home Is A Celebrity Death Hoax

By Shawn Rice

(U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth)

Kid Rock found died in July 2017 is a celebrity death hoax. A Facebook “prank” claimed that the musician had passed away in July 2017. Although this post resembled a genuine news item on social media, it was actually a product of a “prank” web site. Where did this hoax originate?

A Facebook post resembling a genuine news item reported that Kid Rock had been found dead at his home was circulated over 4th of July weekend in 2017. You can see the Facebook post below.

Channel23News reported the following story about Kid Rock’s alleged death.

Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock passed away this morning at age 44. Kid Rock was a big time musician in the late 90s with hit songs like Bawitdaba and Picture, which he performed with Sheryl Crow.

Police were called to Ritchie’s home shortly after midnight after a noise complaint. Upon arriving at the home the officers noticed smoke pouring from the house. The fire department was called and the fire was subdued and upon entering the structure a body was found and identified as Kid Rock.

The fire might have actually been caused by an explosion according to officer Richard Black. Chemicals and over the counter medicine may be the cause of the fire the officer stated.

“If I had to guess, Kid Rock was making meth and something went wrong.”

An investigation into the situation is ongoing. enables users to “prank” their friends by creating and sharing fake news stories.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake news on social media.

Former Rock Star Kid Rock Dead At 44 – Channel 23 News

— Michael J. Skellie (@3dskellie) July 4, 2017

What. This is a joke right?

— Jason Lowery (@themeatshopinc) July 4, 2017

“If I had to guess, Kid Rock was making meth and something went wrong.”

An investigation into the situation is…



— Mitzi Hawley (@thisbodythrives) July 4, 2017

According to Snopes, the user provides the headline, a brief text about the fake news item, and an image, and formats this content to resemble a genuine news bulletin posted via social media. You can see the steps below for

Create A Prank And Trick All Your Friends!

Simply Create Your Own Prank And Then Share It On Your Social Network Pages!

Tips: You must be creative but keep in mind to make it fun.
Fake Title: Choose a catchy title for your joke. Make your friends curious.
Description: Be creative and make your friends curious.
Image: Upload one or search one via google images

These items resemble real news items when they are shared on social media. Ultimately, readers who click through to visit the underlying article and web site are then greeted with a “You Got Owned” meme and the following disclaimer:

We do NOT support FAKE NEWS!!! This is a Prank Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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