Keep Employees Motivated During the Holiday Season

By David Kiger

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Positive vibes and fun events go hand-in-hand with the holiday season. It can also be a time when employees find themselves distracted at work, and perhaps looking ahead to some vacation time at year’s end.

Business leaders will need to find ways to keep employees motivated in the final weeks of the year, as it’s not practical to let several weeks go by with a fraction of the normal output. Yet morale can also take a hit if the pressure is significantly raised. Finding a balance is key.

Here’s a look at some ways CEOs can keep employees motivated throughout the holidays.

Let them experiment

If business experiences naturally slowdown in the last few weeks of the year, it could be a time to allow employees to work on something outside of the norm, whether it’s a pet project or some sort of training exercise. Adding an entertaining element to it can help the motivation factor. In a Fast Company story by Michael Grothaus, Sue Yannaccone of ERA Real Estate says that leaders can help employees “by helping them learn something new in a fun, stress-free way.”

“If there is a skill specific to your business that’s essential for employees to master, turn it into a game or friendly competition rather than bringing them to a seminar,” Yannaccone says in the story. “Or if there is something everyone in the office has been buzzing about — like the ‘escape room’ challenges growing in popularity — take them to a totally out-of-the-box activity or class rather than a traditional holiday party to give them the chance to learn while stepping out of their comfort zone as a team.”

Be thankful

The rush of getting projects done before the year ends, along with the general chaos of the holiday season, can distract business leaders from a major opportunity to show their appreciation for their employees. As Stefan Lewinger, CEO for Sock Fancy, LLC., writes in a story for, “The perfect time to recognize your employees is near the holidays.”

“A simple thank-you card, words of encouragement or any gesture that recognizes the work that your employee does day-to-day will go a long way,” he says. “It will help them feel more motivated to keep producing great results at the end of the year. Genuine recognition costs nothing and can significantly lift an employee’s mood.”

Work-life balance

Here’s something that many professionals struggle with at any time of the year. When you factor in the family time that is a significant part of the holiday season, achieving this balance can be a major challenge. In Grothaus’ story, Kris Duggan of software company BetterWorks says, “As a CEO, I don’t want to take this special time away from employees, but I also expect employees to strive for their goals like any other month.”

“… I encourage managers to set realistic expectations given employees’ travel and vacation schedules this month, and do their best to remove the pressure of a daunting to-do list, especially if things can be pushed to early next Go to the full article.

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