John McCain Calls Vladimir Putin And Russia A Bigger Threat Than ISIS Due To Election Involvement

By Shawn Rice

Senator John McCain called Russia’s Vladimir Putin a “premier” global threat, larger than the Islamic State militant group. McCain called for harsher sanctions on Russia for interfering in the U.S. elections. McCain also discussed concerns about Trump, Jared Kushner and North Korea.

While McCain said that “ISIS can do terrible things,” he added that “it’s the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election.” McCain said he has seen “no evidence” that Russia succeeded in changing the outcome of the election, but that Russians “tried, and are still trying.”

.@PutinRF_Eng a bigger threat than ISIS @SenJohnMcCain tells #abc730 @abbydphillip @peterbakernyt @abwrig @jaketapper @jonathanvswan

— abc730 (@abc730) May 29, 2017

McCain met with Australian leaders for security talks in the nation’s capital. During that visit, McCain received praise for his public support of the decades-long U.S.-Australia alliance following a diplomatic spat between the two countries earlier this year. In February, the Republican senator leaped to Australia’s defense after President Donald Trump got into a heated discussion with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over an Obama-era agreement on the resettlement of refugees.

In the ABC interview, McCain said the U.S. has “done nothing since the election last November to respond to Vladimir Putin’s attempt to change the outcome of our elections. So, way to go Vladimir. We haven’t responded at all.” He added that the U.S. should impose sanctions on Russia.

Here are some reactions on social media to McCain’s comments about Russia.

John McCain is a bigger threat to the US than Russia and the Islamic State combined. The man is senile in a position of power.

— Colton Palmer (@TColtonPalmer) May 29, 2017

@TomMcIlroy @AllLeftNews @SenJohnMcCain “says” but never does. Talk is cheap & easy Backing up wht he says w action wld be a welcome change Till then its just noise

— Susie Carothers (@ahamiltonkin) May 29, 2017

@TomMcIlroy @AllLeftNews @SenJohnMcCain well. You keep saying the right words. Your party cares 0% but at least you speak the words. I guess that’s something yeah?

— Jack Nunya (@JackLucas5) May 29, 2017

With Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Boehner , President Trump doesn’t need any enemies.

— ELAINE (@escop1) May 28, 2017

@SenJohnMcCain and yet you do absolutely nothing to cross your master Trump. He so owns you and all your GOP brethren.

— John Walker (@johneewalkerred) May 29, 2017

What do you think of McCain’s comments about Russia? Do you agree or disagree with him over who is the bigger threat to the United States? Let us know in the comments section.

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