Jared Kushner Missing After Hurricane Irma Destroys Mar-a-Lago Is Fake News

By Erica Abbott


Reports that Jared Kushner is missing after Hurricane Irma destroyed President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort are false. Claims that the president’s senior advisor and son-in-law was impacted by the catastrophic storm stemmed from a fake news website.

According to PolitiFact, the fake claim originated on Freedum Junkshun, a website that publishes fake news and political satire. The article claimed that Kushner was staying at the resort in Palm Beach County, Florida and went missing after a 20-foot wave crashed into the building. It purported:

The building Jared Kushner was reportedly in is gone.

Mar-A-Lago was at the front and center of a rogue wave created by the outer bands of Hurricane Irma. The wave, spanning hundreds of yards across and nearly 20-feet high crashed directly into the Palm Beach estate of President Trump.

[…] The building, designed by Eric Trump, was supposed to be able to withstand bunker-busting bombs.

The report, however, is entirely fabricated. Kushner is not missing and it is not yet known how much damage Mar-a-Lago sustained, though the resort was ordered to evacuate last week. The image used in the fake report appears to show one of the homes that was destroyed by massive fires in Breezy Point, Queens during Superstorm Sandy. Additionally, Freedum Junkshun states in their disclaimer that their articles are not meant to be taken seriously:

We believe that there is nothing more precious than the mind of an aging conservative. Here we gather a boatload of bullhonkey, works of pure satirical fiction, to give the fist-shakers of the world a reason to hate. Reality is often in the eye of the beholder. You won’t find any of it here.

Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump attended a 9/11 remembrance ceremony at the White House on Monday morning on the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump led a moment of silence.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake story on social media:

Social Media Shares Fake Story about Jared Kushner Going Missing After Mar-A-Lago Destroyed by Irma

Breaking: Mar-A-Lago Destroyed By Irma-Jared Kushner Still Missing https://t.co/QNtQc0GC2s

— noel vincent (@noelvincent1) September 11, 2017

Breaking: Mar-A-Lago Destroyed By Irma-Jared Kushner Still Missing – Breaking! https://t.co/WdZwVYkb5f

— intelligencebar (@intelligencebar) September 11, 2017

Breaking: Mar-A-Lago Destroyed By Irma-Jared Kushner Still Missing – Breaking! https://t.co/aiGc7oYny4

— Monique M Bernath (@MMBERNATH) September 11, 2017

Have you seen the fake story about Jared Kushner going missing after Hurricane Irma destroyed Mar-a-Lago circulating social media? What are your thoughts on websites publishing fake news and hoaxes in times of tragedy? Sound off in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Flickr

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