Integrate the Webinar into Business Communication and Marketing Strategy

By Aashish Sharma

No more seminars on the other side of the world that require an enormous investment of time and money! Today, conferences are digitizing and with the webinar, organizing one has become easier than ever before.

What Is The Webinar?

The webinar is an abbreviation of web and seminar. More than just a digital conference, it offers you the opportunity to share and deepen your knowledge without leaving your office or home. Unlike web conferencing, which has been practiced in business for many years, this new approach allows you to reach a wider and more invested audience. It goes without saying that auditors who have decided themselves to participate in training should be professionally and personally concerned. Note that so far, the main topics discussed in webinar relate to new information technologies and emerging professions in the digital world.

Moreover, this method of communication promises great ease of use. To organize a webinar, only sign up on one of the dedicated platforms, including YouTube live, which allows you to easily manage the setup of your webinar as well as its live broadcast. You can also opt for a paid alternative to enjoy greater freedom, especially in the organization, management and invitation of your listeners. Among the many platforms currently available to speakers are GoToWebinar, ezTalks, Livestorm and Webex.

Define your targets

The primary objective of webinar marketing is the acquisition of new qualified contacts. It is necessary that before the creation of your web conference you describe who it is addressed for. Indeed, you have to define topics according to the people you want to reach. To determine your target audience ask you what people are facing the market issues you are addressing? Once your target has been identified, you can choose the title of the webinar and write a description of the latter. The title must be eye-catching, it must attract the attention of Internet users and make them want to read the description of the webinar. The description should not be too long or too short. It should match the title and explain the topic of the webinar. About 5 -10 lines are enough.

Plan a webinar program

It is a good idea to schedule a webinar program on several dates. Such an organization makes it possible to adapt its subject and title according to the objectives sought, the previous experiences and the results obtained.

The subject of your first webinar has generated a significant number of qualified contacts, and your goal is to get more, you can then foresee a succession of webinars with the same subject (spaced four weeks).

Your first webinar has brought you a lot of qualified prospects, but you want to expand your target (or change target), so for that purpose, you can make variations on your initial topic.

Finally, your objective is to acquire different prospects and to retain the contacts gained, and you can opt for an annual program of 2 to 6 different subjects. To do this, recycle the content, re-make the webinars perform, create new webinars.

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