Instamate Manages Instagram Promotions From Your Computer!

Instamate is the worlds first & only all in one Instagram web software to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage & monetize the most viral content on Instagram accounts instantly on complete autopilot.

Before Instamate, there was NO WAY AT ALL to manage your Instagram accounts from your computer!

Instagram is a smart phone app and it simply sucked to have to find content, sync it to your phone, download multiple 3rd party tools to edit photos and have to set alarm of when to post at prime times in HOPE that it would go viral after all this work, then do the same for all your other accounts.

Instamate removes ALL of these issues, allowing you to find, edit, post & schedule direct from your computer the most VIRAL content on Instagram Instantly, WHILE driving free organic to your profiles automatic Engagements. This the All In one, set & Forget Instagram tool the market has been waiting for.

This is the first tool to EVER let you:

  • Post and schedule posts from your computer (rather then on your phone).
  • FIND the most engaged content on the internet and then with 1 click having that content be posted to your Instagram account.
  • Find the most viral content on Instagram allowing you to post & edit it to YOUR profile from our web based software.
  • Have your Instagram accounts growing by hundreds of users a day, 100% free on Autopilot
  • 3 of the most commonly used Instagram image editing tools were built it into Instamate with a FULL Instagram editing module suite (call to actions, filters, text, etc).
  • First tool to enable you to put affiliate links in your Instagram biography through the Instamate cloaker.

Literally find the most viral images in miliseconds, edit them with 1 click filters, be given a list of top hash tags in your niche instantly & then post & schedule these direct to any & ALL of your Instagram accounts direct from your browser.

instamateCloud based software ( Any Pc or Mac) that will Research/Upload /Edit/Monetise/ Post/Schedule In Seconds with ZERO monthly fees (during launch week only)  Learn more here:  Instamate

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