Instagram or Snapchat: Which is the Best Fit For Your Business?

By Alfred Lua

Instagram vs Snapchat: Which Should You Use for Your Business?

Should our business be on Instagram or Snapchat? Or both?

With Instagram and Snapchat becoming increasingly similar, many social media managers find themselves asking these questions.

To help you figure out which platform Instagram or Snapchat — is more suitable for your business, we decided to analyze the differences between the two platforms. We compared six key aspects of the two platforms:

  1. Users
  2. Content types
  3. Discoverability
  4. Engagement rates
  5. Analytics
  6. Ad

What we found is this (and you might know it already) is that it greatly depends on your business. Snapchat is great for some business and Instagram for others…and for some, both is the best solution.

But which is the best fit for your business?

6 questions to consider

Here’s a list of criteria you could consider when comparing Instagram and Snapchat:

  1. Are your target audience and customers on the platform?
  2. Which content type (e.g. stories, images, or videos) suits your business best?
  3. Do you prefer having a public profile that is easily discoverable and to interact with your followers in public? Or do you prefer a private profile and build close one-to-one relationships with your followers?
  4. Is your target audience more engaged on Instagram or Snapchat?
  5. Do you want analytics to measure your performance?
  6. Do you want to boost existing posts or run ads on the platform?

Instagram vs Snapchat infographic

At Buffer, we choose Instagram over Snapchat (but that’s not necessarily the best more for you).

Here’s how we came to the decision, according to Brian Peters, our Digital Marketing Strategist:

For a long time we were on posting unique content to both Snapchat and Instagram at Buffer.

What we found over time is that the quality of conversations we were having on Instagram with our target audience (marketers and social media managers) was much higher than on Snapchat.

Since we are a small team with limited resources, we decided to post exclusively to Instagram so that we could continue to focus on developing meaningful relationships and creating quality content. Since the decision, we’ve grown our Instagram account by more than 20,000 followers and increased engagement by nearly 300%.

Furthermore, the ability to get in-depth analytics on how our content is performing across our feed, Stories, and Live is a major value-add.

Not to mention the platform is approaching a billion monthly active users!

If you would like to learn more about our comparison of Instagram and Snapchat for businesses, we’ve unpacked our analysis below.

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1. Users

The Instagram user base is larger and slightly older.


Let’s first look at the size of the user base of the two platforms¹.

In terms of active users, more than 400 million people use Instagram daily (and more than 700 million use it monthly). In comparison, 173 million people use Snapchat every day.

In terms of Stories, over 250 million people use Instagram Stories daily. That far exceeds the 173 million people Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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