Instagram Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

By Carlo Pacis

Instagram Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Nowadays, almost every business is on Instagram.

And they should be – it’s a platform that’s ripe for generating social engagement which, for some businesses, can be a road paved with boosted awareness and a bump in sales.

One mistake I’ve seen many businesses make is not keeping up with all of Instagram‘s many (constantly evolving) content forms. A savvy social media marketer should be comfortable with all of them to maximize the platform’s potential.

So, this is my complete guide to Instagram ideas: all of the different types of content you can post to build your own empire on the visual media giant.

Instagram Ideas: Photos

The most popular type of content on Instagram remains a simple photo – the Instagram idea that first launched Instagram to fame several years ago. What makes photos so great is that they’re easy for your business to create and easy for audiences to see, while still being powerful and engaging as a way to promote your business.

Instagram Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

What I mean by this is that they don’t take a huge time commitment from you or your social media manager; all you need to post a photo is a quick snap and maybe an edit or two – much less effort than a video. For a viewer, photos are easy to scroll through (and trust me, Instagram users scroll fast), making them easily digestible and very shareable.

Instagram Ideas: Photo Best Practices

Any photos you share on Instagram should be high-quality. This really should go without saying, but it’s still an important point to address. If you’re looking to build your business on Instagram, you need to understand that it’s both a content strategy and a branding play. Much like your website or your storefront, your Instagram feed is a real representation of your business, meaning you want it to look as professional as possible.

Instagram Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

To ensure this is the case, one of the easiest things you can do is make sure you take and post great-looking content. A couple rules of thumb:

  • Lighting is everything: Making sure you have adequate lighting can make a drastic difference in the way your photos look – and that’s incredibly important, especially when you’re showing off one of your products.
  • Focus your images: The age of artsy blurs on Instagram has passed – make sure you keep your photos focused to ensure you’re presenting your subject in the best possible way.
  • Know basic composition: Though photo techniques are too numerous to include here, using things like the rule of thirds to compose your photos will give them a more professional quality. Look at other accounts you like for inspiration on how to frame your shots.
  • Use a decent camera A modern smartphone will do if you don’t have a DSLR available to you.
  • Keep it simple: Edit well, but sparingly; long gone are the days of over-over-over-processed Instagram images, and you’ll better show off your products and brand through more conservatively edited photos.

Instagram Ideas: Video

Instagram introduced videos soon after Go to the full article.

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