Inbound Sales Productivity Means Sellers Matter In The Digital World

By Dave Orecchio

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Taking sales productivity to the highest possible level is a worthy goal for any business. Additionally, if all of your competitors are pursuing improved sales productivity, your company risks being left behind unless you adapt to the rapidly changing modern marketplace.

Digital technology has brought efficiency gains and insights for many sectors of society, and that means changes for the way brands do business, both as sellers and buyers. Sales teams face the challenge of adapting to informed buyers who find new strengths in researching solutions and offerings before connecting with a business that addresses their need.

Research by SiriusDecisions claims that buyers invest 67% of their buying process by searching online before they reach out to a company for a solution. And it is not just sales of consumer products that create this challenge for sales teams. According to Forrester Research, 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. All of this means that when business are choosing how to market themselves, they must view their inbound marketing efforts as absolutely critical to success at all stages of the buyer’s journey – including the sales process. The following diagram shows the way buyers research information and the information sources they use.


The concentric buyer’s journey diagram from Forrester Research

How does this shift in power from the seller to the buyer offer hope for the value the sales representative can deliver the to buyer in the research and buying process? It requires a shift in thinking by sales. A shift that requires the adept sales rep to deliver value to each person they touch. Value requires content and information, exactly what their marketing partners can provide so long as marketing and sales are working together. This new approach by sales is called Inbound Sales and when partnered with a marketing team that is practicing Inbound Marketing, the result is a well oiled machine!

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Follow these principles to improve sales productivity in this digital world

By Responding To Buyers Who Know What They Want

In the digital age, just like everyone else, buyers enter keyword phrases into search boxes and receive lists of information sources ordered by relevance in return. Easy access to information has profoundly shifted the relationship between buyers and sellers, and it has transformed the world of marketing and sales.

Traditional sales processes were designed to sell to mass markets in what to the modern eye looks like information desserts. All sellers had to run labor-intensive cold calling and mass mailing campaigns to capture leads because these were the best practices available at the time. In return, sellers controlled the way that clients learned about their offerings.

Now, the vast quantities of information available on the Internet have shifted the balance in favor of buyers. However, change can be a positive thing, and the new digital era can work well Go to the full article.

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