If You Thought Selling T-Shirts on Teespring Was Profitable, Check This Out

T Shirt ProfitableLook out Teespring … There Is A New (More Profitable) Contender In The Ring

If you have been around the online marketing arena the last couple of years … and you haven’t  been living under a rock … you know that tons of marketers have been making an absolute killing selling physical products online. They sell everything from Amazon to Teespring to Shopify, and everything in between.

And, you have undoubtedly heard about the Teespring marketing mavens who are earning solid 6-figure incomes using Teespring and Facebook ads. T-Shirts, Teespring and Facebook ads have become the winning trio for a lot of elite marketers.

Today, a new platform launched that is poised to dethrone the T-Shirt king.

It has a funny name … Gear Bubble. The “gear” I get – as in wearables.  I wonder about the bubble. But I digress.

Gear Bubble opens up a whole new level of opportunity in done-for-you printed good because you can sell more than just shirts from one platform!

Now you can also sell …

  • Shirts, Tanktops, Hoodies
  • Beanies
  • Bracelets
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Hats
  • Mobile Phone Covers
  • Necklaces

But what really lets Gear Bubble stand head and shoulders above Teespring and its cousins are the advanced features.

  • You can easily add discount codes, and even upsells with discounts!
  • You can also control your product sales page a lot better than other platforms. For example, you can remove the timer, remove the number sold, and even set products to run forever without ending (evergreen)!  You gotta love evergreen promotions.  When they work you let ’em run ’till the stop working.
  • And did I mention joining Gear Bubble is 100% FREE!! Like all the other successful physical product platforms, it won’t cost you a penny to create an account.
  • PLUS … Don Wilson, is also providing a ton of awesome training videos showing you how to sell physical products online! And when Don talks about physical product sales even experienced marketers sit up and listen.

Don WilsonIf you haven’t heard of Don Wilson yet, he’s a hugely successful Facebook ads expert .. and one of the best physical product marketers around!

He has sold millions of dollars of shirts and other physical products online .. and has applied what he learned in the creation of Gear Bubble.

And you should know, Gear Bubble is NOT yet another bright shiny object that may or may not be around the week after next.

Don has invested over half a million in development and Gear Bubble has had over 200 updates since they first threw the switch.

Here is the short story about how Gear Bubble works.

It almost sounds too simple: All you have to do is upload your own graphic onto any one of the products .. and BOOM, you have an instant product you can sell online!

Gear Bubble will create and ship the products to your buyers for you .. and you NEVER have to warehouse any product, nor deal with customer service!

Then, you just drive traffic to the product pages, and they handle everything else for you.

Sound interesting? Follow the link to the sales page and watch the short video Don put together … Gear Bubble

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