If you are doing or contemplating doing webinars you need this.

WHAT IF … the world’s most advanced webinar software required ZERO downloads? EVER!!!


Andy Jenkins, the genius behind the all-new WebinarJam, has lots more up his sleeve. Not to mention a surprise or two in his back pocket.

That’s because the tech behind WebinarJam runs laps around the competition. They’re not even in the same race anymore.

Here’s why … WebinarJam is an all-browser, OS and device friendly webinar software solution. No wonder the collective rallying cry has become Webinars for Everyone! (Kinda like the “we scream for ice cream” mantra, without the lactose intolerance.)

How so?

Watch this video http://appliedmarketinggroup.biz/wj2

We all know downloading software can be hazardous to your computer! And we resist downloading anything from a source we are not familiar with. And there is more to consider.

Remember Murphy’s Law? Whatever CAN go wrong WILL go wrong.

So let’s play out the scenario that’s a lose-lose proposition for webinar presenter and attendee alike.
No one wants to be STUCK. That’s like getting put on hold for one of the most important phone calls of your life.

Downloading raises both red flags and questions. Who wants to download unknown software? Will it work with your system? What about those viewing the webinar? Did the software download successfully?

Did virus protection interfere with downloading? Did the registrant simply leave when they found out they had to download software from a company they don’t know or trust?

Installation is no breeze either. And keep in mind you and your tribe must repeat the entire cycle again and again and again with every software update.


You know what you need loaded on your computer to run WebinarJam?

A BROWSER. That’s it.

Save yourself some major headaches. Save yourself some major bucks. Get WebinarJam today. http://appliedmarketinggroup.biz/wj2

When you do, you’ll love how the system adjusts playback resolution for attendees with different qualities of internet connection. It’s all done for you intelligently, automatically. Privately. Securely. And yes, affordably!

So, you know why you need webinar software, right?

Because webinars are the perfect catalyst to build your business, your following, your authority, and your ability to make smart, timely and money-saving decisions.

WebinarJam’s no download feature is one of dozens of must-have updates and enhancements. Come discover your new favorite software, webinar or otherwise: http://appliedmarketinggroup.biz/wj2


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