If I Graduated Today, What Would I Do?

By Gurbaksh Chahal

"If I Graduated Today, What Would I Do?" by Gurbaksh Chahal

Although I dropped out of high school at the age of 16, to pursue my dreams in business, I have never downplayed the importance of education. Quiet to the contrary, I have often stated in all of my guest lectures for students to stay in school, and to never stop learning – for it is a lifelong journey. Even through my foundation, I do my best in give students the opportunity to gain institutional knowledge via means of scholarships, mentorships, and refurbishing dire schools.

But, if I had not dropped out and were graduating today, what would I be doing?

First and foremost, I have always felt that if you do what you love, you will spend the rest of your life loving it – that it will never feel like work. Second, I’ve always desired to make a positive difference in the world. With these two principles as my guideline, and my passion to stay focused in the emerging technologies, I would have picked a profession where I would continue to learn – daily – and raise the bar higher for everyone else around me.

I have always said each day is a new opportunity. For me, I graduated from my last company and now at Gravity4 I am on to learning machine learning, deep learning and ways in which Artificial Intelligence would enhance our lives. It is vastly different than how I started out when I was 16. My learning never ended. Because, when the learning ends, someone else behind you is ready to pickup where you left and move on ahead of you. So, my advice to the graduating students is: Always continue to learn. School ends but learning never does.

Although unemployment has been at 4.5% for a long period, many jobs remain unfilled in the US and other countries. The majority of these jobs have one common thing- they lack suitable candidate with sufficient skill sets. I must emphasize for clarity that it is not that the US lacks headcount of people willing to work, rather, there is skills shortage.

In one of the high schools I recently mentored, I was asked by the graduating senior to explain more about their “STEM program”. Most people in the valley are aware of the term. However, I realized that sometimes in the technology sector are so enveloped in our bubble that we often forget the world around us doesn’t speak the acronym language. As we head towards Artificial Intelligent based technology era – fact-based, rules-based, and left-brain skills are critical. It is important for us to ensure we arm the youth with all the skills they will need to make a meaningful impact.

So, in this this piece I am aiming to share quick overview of STEM & ways in which individuals should prepare themselves. In nutshell, STEM is a reference to a curriculum based on the notion of educating students in four major disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Currently, the most unfilled jobs in technology and research based Go to the full article.

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