I Can “C” Clearly Now – 3 Secrets That Will Help Grow Your Business

By Brian Basilico

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I want to start this blog with a little bit of an attitude of gratitude. Now when I started this blog six years ago I had a decent readership. When I started my podcast over two and a half years ago, my first month I got 100 listeners and I was blown away. It’s like totally cool. Okay, so I got 100 people to listen to it. Then slowly it started inching up and got to 1,000, and then started inching up a little bit more. Finally, it got to a point where it doubled. All of a sudden, it just doubled and got to 2,000. Then after a couple of months, it doubled again and went to close to 4,000. Over the last couple of months it’s doubled again. That tells me that you guys are listening, you’re commenting, you’re liking, and you’re sharing. I just want to say I appreciate you and all the things you’re doing. If you haven’t yet, give us a review on iTunes, keep sharing, keep posting, keep liking. You’re helping me get the word out to a bunch of people about some awesome stuff, and my awesome guests. I just want to say I appreciate you and all that help.

Today what we’re going to talk about is something I call the three C’s. So the title today is I Can “C” Clearly Now. Three secrets that will help you grow your business. Alright, so what are those three C’s?


Well, the first one is content. I’m a firm believer in generating your own content. Yes you can share other people’s stuff, but if you want to be the expert, if you want to be seen as somebody that’s going to stand out from the crowd, then you have to create your own content. For me, that’s this blog, my podcast, videos, etc. It can be whatever it is that you want to do, but if you want to get your business seen out there, you’ve got to spend the time to generate some original content. That’s one of the secrets of the Bacon System; I talk about having that content, making it measurable by being able to check Google Analytics, and then driving people back to your website, which is where all the fun happens. That’s where the connections happen, where you can add people to your email list, maybe generate business. It may or may not be the right time, but you never know. The bottom line is, if you follow that system, you’re going to see some great results. How do I know? Because I’ve taught it to a lot of people, and they’ve seen great results, and I do it for myself. Part of the way I’ve been able to grow my blog and podcast is by sharing to all my social media, and that is my content.


The second C of this is consistency. As I said, I’ve been doing this podcast for two and a half years. Go to the full article.

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