HR and Marketing: Bringing Both Together for Better Business

By Mike Thatcher

When we think of Human Resources and Marketing, we usually think of two distinct departments within a company, one focused on external matters, one focused on internal matters. But more and more these two departments are working together.

Consumerization of HR

Many call it the consumerization of HR. Human Resources is no longer a more behind the scenes force in the workplace focused on recruitment, engagement, or development. HR and marketing are working together to create the brand of the organization.

While the marketing department communicates the brand of the company to consumers, the collaboration of HR and marketing communicates the brand of the company to employees. Using social and technology-based tools, companies are creating a universal brand message, one that applies to employees, applicants, and consumers.

Working together, HR finds the best people to promote and build the brand, while marketing creates and delivers the brand message to employees. This process works so well that 67% of Best-In-Class companies have a clear brand message that integrates HR and marketing processes.

Companies are learning that a brand is just not for consumers, but that all employees need to live the brand. Businesses are seeing great results with this type of collaboration.

The benefits of consumerization

When marketing and HR work together they both benefit from the collaboration. These benefits translate into benefits for employees, consumers, and potential employees.

For marketing

The HR department primarily serves the company’s employees. Due to the connection with employees, the department can share the brand messaging created in marketing with employees through training sessions, evaluations, and employee orientations.

Through the collaboration with HR, brand messaging can spread throughout the company through internal communication. Employees can become brand ambassadors which then strengthens the marketing department’s mission of spreading the brand message to consumers.

For HR

Due to the marketing team’s connections with consumers, they can help promote the values and mission if the company. Through this promotion, they can help attract potential employees. Marketing can also help the HR department and other employees adapt communication methods and styles as marketing employees have experience in communicating with consumers.

If you do not already have a structure of collaboration in place, it might take some work at the start, but it can become more streamlined as time goes on. There are a few things that companies need to start doing to benefit from the consumerization of HR.

How to achieve consumerization

Building the team

To start the process, senior leaders need to invest time and energy into bringing everyone together. Both the HR and marketing departments need to have meetings with leaders in which objectives and strategies are discussed. If there are any struggles or any confusing moments during the collaboration they need to resolve them in a respectful manner during ongoing meetings.

Using social media

Creating a strong and active social media presence can help both internal and external communication of the brand. Members of both the marketing and HR teams can post inspiring stories, company accomplishments, and personal anecdotes about the company and the brand to communicate with Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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