How Your Brand Can Benefit From The Continuing Boom In Social Media Micro-Influencers

By Sahail Ashraf

How Your Brand Can Benefit From The Continuing Boom In Social Media Micro-Influencers

We are now all fully aware of what Influencer Marketing is and how it is effective for many brands across the planet. All kinds of brands, from large corporations to small businesses, are dipping their toes into the world of the influencer online.

It works, and it also seems to be developing into an industry. You can now pay specialist agencies, for example, to find powerful and effective influencers for you.

What we at Locowise have been particularly interested in is the intelligent and creative work done around micro-influencers.

Let’s talk numbers

How much of a following does a micro-influencer have online, compared to a more conventional influencer? Well, it is probably fair to say that a micro-influencer will have a following on a platform that is in the hundreds of thousands, rather than the millions.

If we were to be a little more specific, we reckon that you can be a micro-influencer if your followers number in the tens of thousands (but that is becoming a little more tricky to argue as social media continues to grow massively).

And yes, it is also becoming quite clear that there is a movement where people specifically set up blogs and social media accounts to become ‘Internet Famous’. YouTube has perhaps started this craze, where young people are now basing their career choices around the potential to become a famous influencer and make a lot of money.

But for micro-influencers who have worked hard, with passion for their area of interest, there is scope for some excellent work. And brands are not just taking the easy option of having quasi-endorsements. Instead, a number of brands are working hard to be as creative as possible, and build up a community feel with numerous micro-influencers. After all, ten Influencers with eighty thousand followers makes for quite a hefty reach.

Tarte and the art of using a community

Tarte Cosmetics has a great range of beauty products. But like any medium-sized brand, it needed a little more exposure. So it created a micro-influencer campaign that dug into all of the customer pain points and desires their audience presents with.

How? Simple, it sent some people on a holiday.

The brand simply invited a group of influencers in the world of beauty to a couple of holidays. The holidays were in spectacularly glamorous luxury locations like The Maldives. The beauty influencers jumped at the chance to take some time out in a beautiful location. And then the most obvious thing for the influencers to do at this point is to share the good times they had on holiday.

With large audiences, these influencers instantly gave Tarte a huge amount of reach. These influencers aren’t sitting on an audience in the tens of millions, but they have hundreds of thousands of people who pay attention to them.

The key ingredient was the hashtag the influencers used in their social media posts. It was #TrippinWithTarte. It was shared by followers and therefore brought about that huge reach Tarte was looking Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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