How You Can Avoid These Content Marketing Pitfalls

By Sahail Ashraf

How You Can Avoid These Content Marketing Pitfalls

Content marketing is a big part of a brand and its presence online. If it is done right, it will enrich the audience’s experience and build authority and authenticity. But if all a brand has been doing is creating Facebook posts, there may be a need to start thinking seriously about how to make content marketing happen on a bigger scale.

It’s not all about blog posts either. Video is huge in content marketing right now. Also, the fluidity of social media means that you can present content in numerous places, and still have the same feel that you have with more dynamic and immediate social media.

Your first big concern is the direction that your content is going to go in. Having a clear plan and a goal for content is vital. The first thing you need to decide upon is the purpose of the content. Some brands simply create content so that it is there. It’s an image thing. Others use content to reach certain specified outcomes.

If you need to gain more leads, a series of blog posts, fully promoted, can help bring people to your website. If you just want to ensure that your site gets more traffic, that’s good too. Just be certain that you have a clear strategy and reasoning behind a content marketing strategy. Don’t just start creating content and then expect the world to catch fire. You’ve got to spend time working out what it is you want to do.

This includes working out the frequency of new posts to your blog. You may need to try some test runs with blog content. If you post heavily for a few days, does it gain any kind of response? Do you have the resources to create high quality blog content every day? Many brands don’t.

If there is an absolute need to bring more traffic (and qualified traffic) to the hub site, then the frequency of the posts is important, as is the quality. There is no point creating every day if the posts are boring, throwaway or not useful.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Sorry for the cliche there, but the biggest problem with blogging and creating content in general is having expectations that are too high. And the problem is kind of compounded by the fact that even high quality content has to be noticed first. So things may well take time.

You also have to be watching the outcomes very carefully. This means keeping a very careful eye on your metrics to make sure that you can see which content type gains the most engagement. Looking for clues here is vital because the one thing the brand doesn’t want is a ton of content that is literally useless.

So things do take time. And you need to expect this, and also welcome it. Setting long-term goals for content success makes a big difference. At the very least, allow the team six months to produce quality content. This means content that is Go to the full article.

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