How Web Design Can Make or Break Your Online Business

By brandonshutt

Editor’s Note: Jock Purtle is a successful business broker and entrepreneur with Digital Exits. Today, he joins us to discuss the importance of good web design, and how it can make the difference between success and failure for an online business.

For many small business owners, the design of a website is the last thing they think about when developing an online marketing strategy. This is a mistake: quite a few of those same business owners may want to sell their business in the future, but that will become significantly harder if the website doesn’t impress potential buyers.

What’s true for business brokers is also true for customers and clients. Your website design should be viewed as an investment that can raise your bottom line rather than as an inconvenient expense to keep up with trends.

Whether you’ve put forth the effort to craft an attractive, high-converting site or not, there are many ways that web design can sink your business or make it float. In this article, we will share some of the ways that a good website can help your business succeed.

What Good Web Design Can Do

1. Turns More Visitors into Paying Customers

The term ‘conversion rate optimization’ refers to how well your website is able to turn visitors into paying customers. To understand the concept, think about a site that brings in 120 visitors per day and converts 40 of those visitors into email subscribers. Now imagine that 15 of these subscribers become paying customers.

This means, for a $100 product, you can generate 40 email subscribers and $1500 in revenue for every 120 visitors you bring in. While this seems like a perfectly respectable outcome, if you optimize your conversion rates and turn 60 of those visitors into email subscribers, you can effectively generate $3000 per day with the same traffic.

A simple way to optimize conversion rates is through analysis of a customer base and target audience. Through research and analytics, a business can craft messages that are much more effective at converting potential customers, and make their website more attractive in the process.

2. Taps into Organic Search Engine Traffic

When it comes to high converting traffic sources, organic search engine traffic is the best you can drive to your website. But if you want higher organic search rankings, you must pay attention to the way visitors interact with your website.

One of the biggest factors that search engine algorithms consider to decide where your website should rank in search results is the quantity and quality of backlinks you have pointing to your website. To capitalize on this, you should start deliberately using better keywords in your content and building high-quality backlinks on other sites. This practice falls under Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

As search algorithms evolve, they are also looking at the way visitors to you site spend their time, and whether they believe it is relevant to the search term they used to find you. When your website is well Go to the full article.

Source:: Online Marketing Institute

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