How to Use Medium For Business Blogging

By Claire Broadley

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Medium is a blogging platform like Tumblr and, but with the added advantage of a built-in social network. It has a pared down look, and a simple interface. Medium is a great place to start a personal blog, but it also has a killer republishing feature that businesses love. This post explains how to use it.

Republishing content sometimes has businesses spooked. After all, duplicate content will result in a penalty in many cases. Posting the same article on multiple websites is usually a bad idea.

But providing you’re careful, and you do everything in good faith, you can recycle your business blog on Medium safely to extend your reach and build valuable connections.

Republishing Content Has Risks

If you republish content, it could be a sign that you’re being spammy. And it may well result in your original business blog posts being excluded from search results — not because you have a penalty, but because Google will only show one copy if it can help it.

So you need to approach this with your eyes open.

In general, the golden rule of republishing blogs is to use canonical links. Canonical links are placed in the header of the web page to point to the original source. Here’s an example of how it looks:

So Medium does add a rel=canonical. But you have to make sure you use its Import feature, rather than copying and pasting your content over.

Preparing the Content for Medium

Before you go ahead and republish your business blog on Medium, you need to do a little prep work. Part of this will help you to avoid duplicate content problems, or at least benefit from the “best of both worlds” by using your valuable content more than once.

Put a Great Article Together

There’s no point in republishing business blogs that offer no value to the reader. On Medium, it’s all about quality; the more you offer, the bigger your following will be, and having a following is the key to getting traffic.

Don’t waste time republishing 300-word filler content. Write something really good. We always recommend that businesses create the longest and most detailed articles that they can.

Once you have great content, you can go ahead and publish it on your own website as you normally would, and then look at how it performs before you decide to syndicate it.

Let Search Engines Index the Original First

Google says that it will only display one version of a syndicated article. Unfortunately, you can’t choose which version will show up. That’s the main risk with posting content in more than one place; your business search result might get pushed out.

It’s best to wait for Google to index the original version of the article on your business blog before you repost it on Medium. That way, Google recognizes the original source, which may be sensible.

Some people recommend waiting two weeks for this. In my experience, you can get away with reposting after a few days. Just wait until your article appears in search before you go Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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