How to Use Facebook Retargeting and Custom Audiences to Drive Sales

By Adam Henshall


We’re always looking for innovative ways to drive sales.

One simple step which people often overlook is the potential purchasing power of your existing audience. It can be expensive to market to people who know nothing about your product, but less expensive to increase the lifetime value of your existing customers.

When Facebook first released their custom audiences advertising feature, results poured in rapidly. One e-commerce company, as reported at the time by TechCrunch, targeted their email list and recorded a 43 percent increase in sign-up conversion and a 30 percent decrease of their cost-per-lead.

The Washington Post’s advertising arm, SocialCode, also reported a 15 percent lower cost per new fan after using custom audiences.

Using custom audiences and Facebook retargeting to activate people who have previously shown interest in your product is a strategy which works.

Through this article, we’ll give you a practical explanation of automated retargeting using pixels and then look at custom audiences. Beyond retargeting, we’ll cover:

  • Different strategies for generating segmented user lists
  • A host of sneaky tips and tricks for maximizing the potential of the custom audiences feature

Retarget, reactivate, and reap the rewards.

How to use pixels to automate your retargeting

Have you ever checked out a product and browsed their website only to find them staring back at you on Facebook an hour later?

How did they know to advertise to you? How did they know you were interested in their product?

Pixels. That’s why.

What are pixels? In short, pixels are little bits of code you can put in your website which track what users do when they interact with your website or advert. There are two types of pixel worth mentioning here. One is the audience pixel which tracks who visits the website and the other is the conversion pixel which tracks how users have interacted with your website once they get there.

Let’s look at each.

How to create and install a pixel

Our aim is to create a custom facebook audience on the basis of who has visited our website. It’s super simple to do.

First step, go to your ads manager in Facebook. The link is located in the bottom left corner of the page under the heading “Create”. Or you’ll find it at

where to find ad manager facebook retargeting

This should take you to your ads manager where Facebook will ask you what your marketing objective is. You can select whichever option you like, but for this one I’m going to keep it simple and select “Traffic”.

marketing objective facebook retargeting

Once you’ve selected your objective, Facebook will take you to the next page where you can configure your advert. This section allows you to determine the audience, the placement of the ad, the budget, and a few extra features.

When you see the Audience section, click the “Create a Custom Audience” link shown below.

create a custom audience facebook retargeting

You’ll then see the option for tracking website traffic. Once you click it, you will Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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