How To Use Email Automation To Significantly Increase eCommerce Sales

By Lucy Benton

How To Use Email Automation To Significantly Increase eCommerce Sales

Email marketing is a growing trend used by many businesses in the eCommerce world. In 2013, it accounted for more than 7 percent of all eCommerce transactions – leaving social media, banner ads and affiliate marketing strategies in the dust!

Check out these results from a Custora study called E-Commerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot.


Despite the fact that the world has been using email for more than two decades, only recently have we started to really take advantage of email automation for business purposes. This technique can be incredibly helpful to increase eCommerce sales because it reaches the majority of your traffic and personalizes the experience.

There are several important truths about the use of email generally in modern business:

  • Email is one of the most effective marketing channels for conversion. It helps businesses reach more potential customers early, and persuade them to convert.
  • Email is one of the best tools for engaging potential customers because it offers incentives, promotions, discounts, and other benefits directly.

But how do you specifically use email automation to bring people back to your website and increase eCommerce sales?

1. Set up browse abandonment emails

Here’s a hard truth of eCommerce: the majority of the visitors don’t care about converting into leads and customers. They just don’t.

Even the most high-converting SEO and social media techniques cannot ensure that your eCommerce website traffic will convert.

You may be experiencing the same problem right now on your own site. After all, you’re reading this article.

To optimize an eCommerce site for conversions, a lot of methods are used. The most prominent one is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It’s the art of persuading prospects to take the desired action that they are not quite ready to take.

CRO can be incredibly effective when powered with the right information and data. These components are critical because they allow the business to develop incentives that directly meet the needs of prospects.

Here’s a screenshot of site analytics that may look familiar to you:


This site is not doing very well in terms of conversions. The ‘No Cart Addition’ indicator shows 2,602, which is 97.23 percent of the entire traffic. This means that only 2.77 percent of visitors added items into their cart.

A lot of eCommerce sites experience similar issues. CRO is the best answer but it’s not enough to fix them. It needs something else.

Emails! They are the best for leveraging site traffic and increasing conversions.

By automating emails, a business can engage with those 97.23 percent who left the site after browsing. These emails will help to persuade them to return and take another look, thus moving further down your funnel.

Marketers typically refer to them as Browse Abandonment Emails. They remind visitors to return to the cart page and complete their purchase. They can really decrease the number of visitors who drop off.

There are several important things to remember Go to the full article.

Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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