How to Use Blog Ghostwriting for Great Content with Busy Executives

By Joe Gillespie


One of my favorite campy science fiction movies is the 1997 underrated classic Starship Troopers. Embrace the intentionally hammy acting, the gratuitously guffaw-inducing violence, and the over-the-top special effects, and the movie becomes a definite guilty pleasure. A line spoken in an authoritative tone by a newsreel announcer near the end of the movie stands out as I write this post:

“We have the ships! We have the weapons! We need soldiers!”

The quote can be easily adjusted to fit marketers who are struggling to convince co-workers and busy executives to devote time to produce blog content:

“We have the knowledge! We have the inbound marketing plan! We need writers!”

Blog ghostwriting can be the answer to delivering the content you need to make your marketing plan a success. To quote Starship Troopers one more time: Would you like to know more?

The Benefits of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is more common throughout the literary world than you think. For example, most celebrity “autobiographies” are not penned by the celebrities at all, but rather, a professional writer behind the scenes. Through a combination of extensive interviews with the celebrity and outside research, the ghostwriter delivers a finished product that captures the subject’s voice and intentions.

Blog ghostwriting operates in a similar way. Your company’s executives likely bring significant thought leadership to your industry’s space. Ghostwriting incorporates that knowledge and uses it to further your inbound marketing efforts. Some of the benefits of this strategy include:

  • Executive content without as much executive effort: Many execs relish the chance to promote themselves and their companies via blog content. Unfortunately, everything else on executives’ plates often prevents them from carving out a few hours to write a workable post. Ghostwriting shifts much of the effort from execs to the writer, whether it’s you, a fellow staffer, or a hired freelancer.
  • Better quality of writing: Some executives deliver incredible prose. Others, despite their knowledge of the space, are all over the place with their copy. Blog ghostwriting provides a uniform—and, ultimately, better—quality of writing across all your content. Frankly, no exec wants to look dumb with the content they write; ghostwriting can allay those fears.
  • The power of collaboration: As already stated, executives offer thought leadership to your marketing efforts, and writers bring the technical knowledge in producing content. The combination of these two areas of expertise results in blogs that are informative and entertaining, thus capturing readers’ attention and increasing the likelihood they will return to your website.
  • Efficiency: Ghostwritten blogs generally see the light of day in less time than ones written by busy execs. For starters, professional writers may not require as much editing than a well-meaning but nonetheless rambling executive. Second, ghostwriters can knock out multiple posts in a shorter span of time, whereas execs might scramble just to find a couple hours a month to type something up. Finally, one interview between a ghostwriter and an executive (more on this in a moment) can yield several blog posts.

Four Approaches to Ghostwriting Blog Posts

The process of ghostwriting blog posts can take Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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