How To Use AI To Benefit Your Business — With Tim Hayden From Brain+Trust

By David Reimherr

Tim Hayden

Artificial intelligence has a bad rap.

When sci-fi movies started depicting AI as a means for computers to take over the world, people began to fear the idea of artificial intelligence.

However, most consumers do not realize that they are interacting with AI on a daily basis. In fact, AI is in their home right now, especially if they have the latest smartphone, computer, or tablet.

One person that is more than aware of the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and the benefits, is Tim Hayden. Tim Hayden boasts more than 20 years of marketing and consulting expertise. He is also the brains behind NION Interactive, GamePlan, and 44Doors. The country’s biggest brands rely on Tim’s expertise to help them adopt better communication through technology, including Kraft Foods, Bacardi, ExxonMobil, and Dell.

Tim advises technology startups and is an avid investor in companies looking to change the world’s technology. So, he is more than qualified to share his insights on artificial intelligence and the use of chatbots for marketing and customer service.

More importantly, he sits down to dispel the fears of artificial intelligence once and for all.


AI is not new. In fact, Tim highlights how it has been around for decades.

AI is intelligent, learns from itself and experiences, and allows companies to replace humans with specific steps. Chatbots use AI technology and work as a primary interface for conversations between brands and consumers.

Chatbots are an extension of today’s AI capacity.


What is interesting is that most users are engaging with AI on a daily basis. Take Siri, for example. Apple iPhone users ask Siri a question, request Siri to play a song, or ask Siri to set the next day’s alarm. Siri is AI.

Also, when a consumer selects the online chat feature with a brand, most likely they are speaking to a chatbot or form of AI conversation. While that chat can direct the user to a human representative, these bots are there to answer fundamental AB questions to lighten the load on human customer service teams.


Chatbots are designed to handle back and forth communications. When a question is asked, they have an intuitive response system that identifies the question and answers appropriately. With consumers carrying devices 24 hours per day, brands need a way to communicate around-the-clock without hiring overnight customer service representatives to handle the load.

Hundreds to thousands of companies on social media, especially Facebook, use chatbots, says Tim. He recommends Facebook users do a search for chatbots and they will see all their favorite brands using chatbot technology – including small businesses and local retailers.

AI today is obtainable for even the smallest firm, says Tim.

He points out that the code for AI and chatbots is shared among companies, and it is accessible. For as little as $50 per month, a company could initiate a chatbot service to handle customer service.


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