How to Successfully Survive and Handle Office Politics

By Paul Keijzer

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Office politics is that nagging and pestering nuisance that you just can’t seem to rid yourself of or avoid. Whether you participate in it, instigate it or are at the receiving end of it, there’s a high chance that at some point in your career you’ve had to deal with some form of office politics. Some of you may be able to handle it well. You could be swiftly dismissive or nonchalant and that way the political views don’t bother you or get to you. Others, however, don’t handle it well. If you’re one of them, then there’s a good chance that office politics is bothering you to a point of frustration where you’re just not happy with your work and are on the verge of resigning.

Office politics can be brutal at times, particularly when you see the leadership going head-on or when your peers are ganging up against someone to a point where it’s almost bullying them. Luckily, there are alternatives and ways to deal with office politics that can help you avoid resigning. Here’s what you can do.

1. Stay True To Your Attitude

The Economic Times categorized three different office politics attitudes as Freeze, Flight or Fight. Whichever of these you decide works for you based on your personality is the one you should stick to. While freeze and flight are passive in nature, fight can work adversely for you and add on to office politics if you don’t play it out diplomatically. Confronting the chatter may be a good way to address it and put it to rest for good.

2. Stick With Your Plan

The worst way to deal with office politics is to let it get the best of you and prevent you from achieving your objectives and goals. Staying focused on the goal is imperative, irrespective of the forces out there that are trying to sabotage you or get you in trouble. It’s particularly not easy to stay on course when your team members are playing the politics game against you. They’ll hold you back and try to deviate you from your plan. The right approach is to get your head down, do what’s right and then deal with the consequences later, both the positive and negative ones.

3. Focus on Relationships

The instigators of office politics are usually those who’re full of insecurities or are intimidated by those they gossip about. It’s usually nothing more than that. There’s a good chance you’re aware of the root of all gossip and office politics. An effective way to nip gossip is to target the source. Work on forming a relationship with the office politician or even their direct reports. By building a rapport with them you’ll help them see your point of view and most likely even realize there’s much you both are commonly interested in.

4. Stay Neutral

Most office politics revolve around one group against the other. And while it may appear that each group of individuals is trying to get at the other, in reality Go to the full article.

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