How To Structure a Wildly Successful Webinar

By John Nemo

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Discover the simple, 3 part framework behind wildly successful, high-converting webinars.

When it comes to structuring a wildly effective, revenue-generating webinar or online presentation, the biggest mistake you can make is overthinking the process.

Let me repeat: In order to create a webinar that works, you need to avoid making the process complicated.

There’s a major myth out there that webinars are complex, time-consuming and expensive to create.

It simply isn’t true.

In fact, webinars are quite easy to create, make and run if you stick to what I call the “3 P’s” – Presentation, Platform and People.

That’s it!

If you can remember those three words (Platform, Presentation and People), the rest falls into place. The 3 P’s are critical to every single component of how to make and run a webinar that generates sales.

The Magic Sentence

If you get nothing else from this post, remember this sentence: Webinars That Work = The right Presentation on the right Platform for the right People.

If you follow that formula, you’ll create online presentations and webinars that engage your audience, deliver value and result in more revenue for your business.

Everything that your webinar will be, all the success you’ll have – the clients, the revenue, the profits – all of it is going to fall into one of these three categories.

Presentation = Stories, Not Facts

Presentation, for example, is the delivery vehicle for your webinar – the way you deliver your content, the way you tell your story and the way you structure the experience for attendees.

Your presentation must start by focusing on where you once were, what happened, and where you are today.

Even more important, what you share during your presentation must lead your target audience to believe that they can achieve their specific goals or dreams as a result of what you’re sharing with them.

It’s also important to remember that great presentations are not filled with facts and figures. Instead, they unfold like epic stories – with colorful characters, conflict, drama, humor and the promise of a happy ending.

Platform = Webinar Software + Your Online Brand

Platform is all about how and where you run your webinar from, along with the methods you use to get people to attend.

Not all webinar platforms are created equal, and you’ll want to avoid ones that require attendees to download special software or applications in order to attend.

Remember, you want an easy, simple and effective platform to deliver your webinar from. The more complex or cumbersome it is for someone to log on and attend, the less likely he or she will be to make it.

Platform also refers to whatever digital footprint you’ve carved out for yourself online. From email lists to social media channels to blogging to press releases to paid advertising, your platform can be built in a variety of ways.

And, no matter how you build it, your platform is critical when it comes to generating attention and buzz for your online presentation or webinar.

People = The Right Ones vs. The Wrong Ones

People, of course Go to the full article.

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