How To Set Goals Like A Ninja

By Samantha Martin

Are you setting clear goals are just casually wishing for things and giving up when they don't happen quickly? Learn to set clear goals like a ninja to achieve them

Firstly, Happy New Year.

Right, down to business.

It’s that time of year when we do the whole new years resolutions, look with optimism to the year ahead and tell ourselves that this year we will be thinner/faster/richer/smarter or just not crying over our ex’s into a tub of Haagen Dazs and tell ourselves this will be our year. But then by Martin Luther King Day, which for the none US readers, falls on Monday 15th January this year, also referred to as Blue Monday, folks are back to their usual miserable selves, trying to figure out how to get out of the expensive gym membership they’ve bought and drunk dialling their ex at 3am. There’s even now an official Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day on the 17th January. Let’s face it, the whole new year, new me is total and utter bullshit.

The truth is that the clock striking 12 and the turning of your new calendar, isn’t going to change a damn thing about your life. Sorry, I know that’s a truth bomb that the fitness selling types, vegans and quit smoking people don’t want you to think. But it’s true. However, it can be a point in time that you choose to hit the reset button and start to make changes. Form new habits, work towards new things and generally just get your shit together. But, sorry, you still won’t wake up on new years day a new person. Or a millionaire. Sorry.


So, what happens if you really do want to make changes? Business goals are essential to keeping you on track if you want to grow your business. Personal goals are also important if you do want to make those essential changes, like be healthier, strong, thinner whatever. Most people go wrong when they set goals in that they just sort of wish for things. Like those that make remarks about wanting to win the lottery and then not buying a ticket. Or forgetting to buy the ticket. Or only buying one when it’s a big rollover jackpot. You see, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Are you setting clear concise goals or just casually wishing for stuff and then complaining when it’s not happened by the middle of January?

The start of the new year is a good time to take some time to evaluate what you actually want. Look at all areas of your life; health, wealth, relationships, business, family. Is everything as you would want it to be? If you are a business owner, whether that’s a small owner operated business, a side hustle or a large organisation employing lots of people, chances are you have some idea of the direction you want that business to go in over the next 12 months. It might be a vague, rough idea, but I’m guessing that you still want to be in business come next new years.

So let’s look at those business goals in more detail.


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Source:: Business 2 Community

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