How to Sell More with Your Landing Page Video

By Ana Gotter

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Landing pages are all designed to get users to take specific actions. These actions can include everything from signing a petition to donating to a charity. Most often, though, landing pages focus on getting users to purchase a product, service, or subscription.

Landing page videos can be an extraordinarily effective addition to both the actual landing page, and the marketing materials leading up to getting users to the landing page. They can drive significantly more conversions, and with more customers (including executives, for our B2B readers out there!) preferring video to text, they’ve become a necessity.

Whether you’re using a sixty-second explainer video or a ten-minute breakdown of your brand’s story, there’s a few best practices and strategies you should always use to sell more with your landing page video.

Use Our Foolproof Formula for Landing Page Videos

If you want your landing page video to sell more, you need to create a high quality, convincing video that’s actually capable of driving action. Fortunately, we went over all of that last week in our post detailing our foolproof formula for creating incredible landing page videos like the one from Lyft below.

Simply put, the best landing page videos are made up of some variation of the following:

  • Address the problem
  • Position your product as the solution
  • Sell it
  • Back up the claims
  • CTA

Place The Video Above the Fold

This one is nice and simple: keep your landing page video above the fold, where it’s easy to see. Users are a lot more likely to watch videos than read anything, so don’t risk losing them by unfortunate landing page placement.

Typically, placing the video under the headline and some introductory text is a good layout. The other top option is to have the page’s headline, some introductory text, and the video next to the text.

Put the CTA Right Next to It

While you may have additional text going over details or information like terms and conditions on the landing page, it’s normal to have your CTA displayed prominently in several places. This is often above the fold, in the middle of the content, and at the very end.

sell more with landing page videos

When you’ve got a landing page video on your site, you want to place the CTA within eye-sight of it. That way if users watch the video and are ready to go ahead and convert, you won’t risk losing them amid all the other information on the page.

Keep Autoplay Off

Autoplay is fantastic for social media. It’s less ideal for landing pages. If you’ve sent users to your landing page and they’re not familiar with you and a video starts playing (with sound), they may not be too happy. Image being on the subway and clicking on a weight loss landing page, which then starts shouting to the world “Are you ready to lose the weight for good?!”

landing page videos for sales

I also think there’s a little psychology involved in this one. You want users to think it’s Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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