How to Sell a Competitive Product Over the Phone

By Dan Sincavage

According to Smart Calling author and Business By Phone Inc. founder, Art Sobczak, the key to selling on the phone is “relevant prospect intelligence, plugged into planned, practiced, persuasive and proven messaging, repeated persistently, with a positive attitude = sales results.”

Sounds easy, no? The reality is that even the act of lifting the receiver and punching out your lead’s number (or letting the automatic dialer do it for you) can be nerve-racking. So, let’s start by breaking it down, step by step.

Here’s our quick guide to competitive selling on the phone.

Competitive Selling Tip 1: Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

One of the first things to do when you want to be good at selling on the phone is to lose your fear. Yes, you will encounter a lot of rejections. You will be eating nos for breakfast. It’s all part of being a salesperson.

Remember that sales is a numbers game. You need a number of nos for each yes. So, pick up that phone and don’t be afraid of those nos.

It’s nothing personal. To your call recipients, you’re just a distant voice on the other end of the line. However they respond to your call, it won’t be about you, personally. So, don’t let it affect you.

Competitive Selling Tip 2: Approach Each Call With Enthusiasm

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Enthusiasm is contagious – even when it’s over the phone. So, approach each call with enthusiasm. Be excited with the prospect of making a new connection. While this connection can be as short as a few seconds or the start of a new business relationship, it’s going to be worth it.

Remember that you are reaching out to your target market, someone who can benefit from the product you’re offering. Be confident and believe in yourself.

Competitive Selling Tip 3: Qualify Your Leads

Doing actual selling is the best use of a salesperson’s time. In the typical sales team setting however, you have a lot on your plate. You need to do research, take after-call notes, and input client updates, among other tasks.

Lead qualification should already be part of your sales process. So, make sure your qualification process considers the important factors. When you do get on the phone, your efforts should go into something worthwhile. Prioritize your calls, according to how your leads are ranked. Invest more time on leads who are more likely to buy from you.

Competitive Selling Tip 4: Plan Your Call

Plan your calls in response to what’s immediately on your prospect’s mind: why are you calling?

Typically, you have three objectives in calling:

  • To introduce yourself.
  • To talk about your product.
  • To make a sale.

Don’t try to overachieve and do everything all at once. Remember that your contact is in the middle of work too. So, avoid steering away from your objective. Use the time to say your piece and then make another appointment for the next step.

Not only is this considerate of your lead’s time. You also display your professionalism.

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Source:: Business2Community

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