How to Prevent Instagram Brand Accounts From Being Banned

By Mia Meier

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Brands relying on Instagram marketing face plenty of challenges on the way to success, but the one challenge they fear like the plague is being banned. No wonder: who would want to spend immense amounts of time and energy on building an engaging profile, only to find all audience and content deleted one day?

The platform has various methods of punishment for violation of Instagram Terms and Rules, from a regular permanent ban to a temporary suspension, or ‘shadow ban’. The latter term has been swirling in social media marketing circles for a few years now. Allegedly, it refers to an Instagram practice of hiding the delinquent accounts’ posts from pages of recommended and tagged posts, without sending a notification about it to the authors.

In other words, Instagram allows these accounts to post and interact and their content is visible for their audience and intended visitors, but all chances to keep the same reach rate, let alone level it up, are terminated. Instagram hasn’t acknowledged or proved the existence of such practice, and just like the infamous activity limits, the shadowban remains a mystery built solely on rumors and marketers’ personal experiences.

In order to protect your Instagram account from being banned, you should keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Avoid bot applications

Instagram has zero tolerance for automated actions and artificially gained followers, likes and comments. Many platform users learned it the hard way during the infamous Instagram purge back in 2014. Earlier in 2017, Instagram clamped down on automation even more, shutting down a popular tool for growing followers, Instagress, and deleting millions of fake accounts.

Driving up the engagement numbers by hundreds and thousands is tempting for influencers and small businesses as it gives that alluring sheen of legitimacy. However, the brands that use this trick get no real deals or customers, and at the end realize it’s useless to be popular only on paper.

Don’t ruin your brand’s credibility by bot farming. Avoid shady applications created for buying followers or a like-for-like and follow-for-follow exchange. Having good engagement numbers for a short period of time is not worth losing the trust of current and potential customers and business associates. It’s also definitely not worth being permanently banned.

Focus on creating engaging visual content, finding and interacting with Instagram users with shared interests, running campaigns, working with influencers. This way of growing your brand on Instagram is definitely not the fastest, but the most productive and safe one for sure. Good things come for those who wait, as the saying goes.

  • Don’t rely on the activity limits figured by other brands

One risky and useless thing that probably every Instagram brand did at some point is googling Instagram activity limits and wholeheartedly relying on the found information. The thing is, Instagram has never revealed any user activity limits and all numbers from those articles come solely from personal experience of the authors and should only be Go to the full article.

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