How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for 2018 and Beyond

By Christopher Jan Benitez

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Before creating your website, you’re probably thinking about how to separate yourself from the rest effectively. Millions of users create great website and content on WordPress, and you don’t want to be just another typical site that no one visits. Innovation is a never ending process and to truly stand out; you’ll need to optimize your site for the future and not just for today by following these tips below:

1. Always Look for Better Themes

The general look and feel of your website are going to depend on your theme. Tons of great themes are available for you, and although most of them are alright to start with, sometimes, creators leave their themes untouched for a long period and they become hard to work with anymore.

For starters, you can search the best themes in this WPKube post. The page showcases some of the better-looking newspaper- and magazine-style themes to help present your content in the best way possible.

2. Keep Churning Out Content that Stands the Test of Time

It’s no secret that great content is how you’ll be able to get engaged visitors. Focus on creating authentic and engaging content that your users will find useful and entertaining. However, to be able to optimize your WordPress site for many years and beyond, you need to up your game in creating evergreen content.

The term “evergreen” refers to content that will always remain relevant and timeless. This way, you don’t have to keep on creating a new topic every so often. Evergreen content comes in many forms such as:

  • Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Glossaries
  • Definitions
  • FAQs

At any point of the year, these types of content will always be relevant. There are many ways to push your content to the right people, and a single high-quality evergreen blog can effectively draw visitors to your site.

Keep in mind that this type of content should not be buried under your updated articles. So make an effort in putting them where they can easily stand out and be seen by your visitors.

For more information about evergreen content, read this informative post at The Balance.

3. Learn How to Promote Your Site to the Right Channels

Content has always been the top priority of many bloggers, and while it’s true that “content is the king,” to get your killer content to be recognized, you need to know how to promote your site to the right channels properly.

The power of distribution lies on the strategies you create to effectively maximize your efforts when it comes to promoting your site. Some even double their efforts in marketing because even though you have an engaging content, without proper distribution, you’ll only get limited page views.

According to Business Mirror, distribution is queen. One of the most efficient ways to promote is to reach out to the influencers related to your content. Use this tactic to build a stronger relationship, and if they find your content interesting, they’ll share it voluntarily.

4. Build Authority

All websites need to build their credibility. It is critical Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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