How to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page a Magnet—Not a Repellent—for Marketing Talent

By Mark Miller

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Not finding the marketing talent you need online? We can help.

Despite rising competition, LinkedIn remains professionals’ go-to social network for career development, relationship development, and job hunting. Companies who use it properly not only promote their brand and win potential customers; they also leverage it as a valuable goldmine for job candidates of all kinds.

The network can be an especially powerful resource for marketing recruitment,for which top talent is scarce and often very difficult to find. Given that, it’s amazing how many organizations don’t fully leverage the power of their LinkedIn Company Page as a tool to reinforce their marketing team with ambitious, high-performing experts.

Are you sure your company’s LinkedIn presence isn’t turning off the best candidates who see it? Take these steps to guarantee it’s a magnet to top marketers.

Optimize Your Company Page

Marketers are much more sensitive than most to poorly assembled online brands, weak social media activity, and poor user experience. After all, it’s our job to watch over and improve them!

So if your company’s profile is out of date, fails to explain your organization, and doesn’t effectively display your open jobs, you can rest assured that it will likely scare off top candidates. Marketers are understandably wary of a brand that neglects its presence online (and it’s probably not good for your business, either).

Fortunately, it only takes a little work to make sure your company page is complete and professional. Only a little more effort is needed to update it with well-formatted, informative marketing job descriptions.

Use Better Marketing Job Descriptions

As important as they are, job descriptions rarely get enough love. They’re usually written by busy HR staff juggling a pile of other searches for the rest of the organization. Your internal recruiting team is no doubt comprised of very smart, hard-working professionals. But they’re not trained social media marketing recruiters. They probably have a limited understanding of your marketing needs and the trends that are impacting the marketing industry today.

Think of the job description as the “bait” for top marketing talent. You need to use the right bait to catch the right kind of fish. When you publish a bland, unclear description and invite applications, you can expect only generic, unqualified candidates (or none at all).

Writing job descriptions that will entice top marketers requires a special approach.

Everything from the job title you use to the way you explain the duties of the role to how you ‘sell’ the position and your business can impact the quality of talent you can attract.

Make sure your marketing job descriptions match the caliber of candidate you want to bring in!

Activate Easy Apply

One handy optional feature LinkedIn has for job applications is the “Easy Apply” button. It allows candidates who see a job on the social network to apply with just the click of a couple of buttons, using their profile and an (optional) attachment like a resume as their application.

For a busy marketer who doesn’t have the time or the interest to complete Go to the full article.

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