How to Make Fewer Mistakes at Work

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No one wants to make mistakes at work, but it inevitably happens. If it happens too often, though, that’s when it can cause a problem. And, if you’re a dedicated employee who really wants to be the best at their job, you don’t want things to get to that point. That’s why you have to learn from the mistakes you make to keep them from happening again.

Here are a few ways you can stumble less with work mistakes.

Get Rid of Distractions

While technology can certainly help workplace productivity, it tends to increase the amount of distractions as well. Of the 80% of workers who own smartphones, 70% of them keep them within eyesight when they’re at work. If you’re constantly seeing messages and social media notifications popping up, you’re going to want to check them.

Distractions lead to mistakes. If you aren’t totally focused on the task at hand, you increase the risk of messing it up. Keep your phone in your car, locked in a desk drawer out of sight or in an employee locker if you have one. Mute work emails that are constantly coming in and only check them at certain times.

Technology isn’t the only distraction, though. Tell your friendly coworker that you can’t have 15-minute cubicle chats every time he walks by. Bring headphones to eliminate the noise of loud coworkers. Eliminate everything you can that could keep you from totally focusing on work.

Make Productive Lists

Making a to do list may sound silly, but they come with some serious benefits. Writing things down simply helps you remember them better. Having a list taped to your computer monitor where you’ll see it often will remind you of the things you have to do. If you find you’re missing important steps or tasks, this is a good way to make sure you remember them.

If you do find yourself getting pulled into meetings or getting away from your tasks, a list can help get you back on track and in that mindset. You can write out your process for certain tasks and highlight any problem areas you have. Add in directions that your boss gave you or talk to them about the proper practice so you can make sure you do it correctly each time.

Focus on Accuracy Instead of Speed

Sometimes the pressure of deadlines and wanting to get things done can get the best of us. When we’re too focused on speed, accuracy can slip through the cracks. Errors start happening, and entire parts of the project have to be redone.

It’s much better to put your focus on being accurate. It may take a little longer to get a project done, but it’s better than the whole thing having to be done over because it’s full of mistakes. Speed comes with practice and repetition. You’ll naturally get faster the more you’re doing a task!

Always Double Check Your Work

When you get caught up in a task, it’s easy to overlook little mistakes. When you’re finished with Go to the full article.

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