How To Leverage Influencer Outreach For Higher Rankings

By Megan Ritter

Leveraging influencer outreach is a powerful marketing strategy you need to pay close attention to. Simply creating content is not enough to secure those coveted higher rankings keeping you up at night. You need to expand your audience reach and connect in a more meaningful way.

Most marketers know the value of having a superb content marketing strategy. Stats compiled by Business 2 Community (B2C), found that 93 percent of marketers utilize content marketing. However, leveraging influencer outreach can have a colossal impact to your marketing strategy. In fact, influencer outreach can boost your conversions three to ten times. This is certainly the ideal when building your audience and getting higher rankings.

Influencers come in many forms, including industry experts, analysts, quality content developers, and even critics. They are powerful assets, influencing the actions of their followers. An influencer can increase content reach, accelerate business growth, and offer high authority inbound links.

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Let’s take a closer look at how you can leverage influencer outreach to surpass your marketing goals.

Intrigue Your Potential Influencers with Timely Topics and Newsjacking

In order to leverage influencer outreach, you need to choose topics that will intrigue your intended influencer’s audience, according to marketergizmo. Influencers will not risk their reputation on topics that have little weight among their followers. If your topics fit, the audience will engage in a more meaningful way.

Research your intended influencers. Read their blogs and social media posts. After a bit of research, ask yourself a few key questions; What’s in it for my influencers? How will they benefit? Will their audience gain any helpful info?

Newsjacking is another way to leverage influencer outreach. Newsjacking is simply piggybacking breaking news in order to gain access to an otherwise unreachable audience. According to Small Business Trends, newsjacking became popular in 2011 by marketing expert David Meerman Scott in his book Newsjacking. It continues to have a place in many marketing strategies.

Develop Quality Content Supported by Expert Sources and Quality Media

If you want to leverage influencer outreach for higher rankings, you want to make your content count. According to a marketing study by Tomoson, 59 percent of marketers will increase their budgets for more influencer marketing.

Put that money to good use through quality content and media. The Tomoson study also found that, “51% of marketers believe they acquire better customers through influencer marketing.” However, poor content and media may yield little.

Developing content beyond the standard 500-word count is an essential strategy for gaining influencer interest. Research conducted on word count by MarketingExperiments found longer copy to perform better by 40.54 percent.

Photos, videos, and infographics are equally as important. A study found that 65 percent of marketing executives believe these media strategies are vital to brand awareness. Video marketing stats by SYNDACAST found that 51.9 percent of marketing professionals say videos have the best ROI.

Approach Influencers Carefully Building the Relationship Over Time

Approaching influencers and building a relationship is certainly an essential aspect to gaining higher rankings. Those social media posts Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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