How to Let Your Authenticity Shine Through Your Presentation

By Ashish Arora

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Richard Turere was a young boy whose family raised livestock in Nairobi, Kenya on the edge of an impressive national park. The biggest challenge they faced was protecting their animals from attacks by lions in the night.

Richard tried placing lamps in the field, but the light did not stop the lions. When he lit a torch, however, the lions stayed away.

Eventually, using a car battery, solar panels and a motorcycle indicator box, Richard created lights that went on and off, and scared the lions.

His invention made him famous in his village and farmers from all over came to see him to learn how to install his light system.

Richard was invited to give a TED talk as many illustrious people such as Bill Gates have done. But he was only 13 years old when he went before the microphone and his English was halting.

Yet when he finished his talk the audience rose to give him a thunderous ovation.

How did he manage to evoke such a response?

People were moved by his authenticity. He wasn’t trying to be someone he wasn’t. He had a simple, basic story to tell, and that story meant a great deal to him and his neighbors, and with a little advance coaching on how to carve out his story line, he gave his presentation and nailed it.

When you are authentic, when you allow the real you to shine through your presentation, people are more interested in you, they trust you more, and they remember you.

You may have the most profound message in the world, but if you stand before people and they can’t see that you believe passionately in what you are saying, and that what you say is what you really stand for, you will never be a successful speaker.

Instead, you create a gap with your audience that is difficult to close.

So how do you let your authenticity shine through your presentation?

Tell your unique story in your own words

As the youngster from Kenya did, tell your story in your own words with candor. Talk about the challenge you had to overcome, and how you came upon your beliefs in life. Talk about your values and how they have guided your actions.

All of these things require sharing and to a degree, a sense of vulnerability, but that is how the audience sees the real you that shines out from the traditional formula for professional public speaking.

Don’t try to be a chameleon, changing yourself into what you think each different audience wants to see and hear.

Oprah Winfrey, who consistently scores high in the public opinion court on being authentic, explains that what we all seek is a spirit-to-spirit connection and that is why authenticity is so valued in our culture.

In this video Oprah shares her views on what constitutes authentic power.

Be disarmingly honest, even brutal if necessary

Audiences are tired of canned speeches and are quick to disconnect from speakers who use the same tiresome catch phrases Go to the full article.

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