How to Increase Your B2B Social Media Engagement with Neal Schaffer

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A few weeks ago, on #marketochat, we discussed How to Increase Your B2B Social Media Engagement with Social Media Influencer, Neal Shaffer. Today, having social media presence is a necessity for any B2B organization. So how can organizations not only participate in social media but succeed and drive social media engagement? In this blog, we’ll cover Neal Shaffer’s answers to five critical questions on how brands can increase social engagement across the variety of social media channels.

What Are the Core Elements in Any Good Social Engagement Strategy?

People like to be heard and want to know that their thoughts and opinions matter. This is the case with social media as well, it is critical that you listen to your audience and understand what they are looking for in order to achieve greater engagement.

When looking at interactions with your audience on Twitter, it is more important to care about the quality of the engagement rather than the quantity especially since the different types of engagement do different things for your business.

Are There Certain Social Channels You Recommend B2B Marketers Focus on More Than Others? If So, Why or Why Not?

First and foremost, it is important to be where your customers are. With so many different social media channels, customers are everywhere and you have to determine which channels receive the most engagement and interaction from your targeted audience. It is essential to spend the time and do the research about each channel. Before you determine if it’s right for your audience you should learn the lay of the land, including the rules of engagement—because each channel has its own language.

What Tips Can You Give B2B Marketers Trying to Build Their Twitter Following?

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The best way to represent your own brand is through your own content or by curating content. This gives your audience a sense of where your company stands within a particular industry and what type of followers you are trying to reach.

It is also important to remember to engage with others you want to follow. Twitter magic can work, but only after you engage and make those connections to form relationships. These relationships that you establish can also be beneficial in the sharing of content and ideas.

In addition, hosting weekly or monthly tweet chats are a great way to interact with your audience. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your followers or new users who are joining into your chat for the first time. Through chats, you can find out what your audience is interested in and what topics they engage with more.

What Are the Most Effective Ways for B2B Marketers to Increase Facebook Engagement?

#marketochat featuring Neal Schaffer

Paid social, groups, videos, and Livestream are the most effective ways to increase Facebook engagement. Facebook has so many different ways for you to target Go to the full article.

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