How To Get Started With Quora Ads

By Ellen Gomes

Quora Advertising Set Up

How many times have you had a question but no one to answer it? So you resort to good old Google to help you. We’ve all been there, done that. And it’s the reason that Quora, a Q&A website, was created.

Quora allows users to ask anything and get amazing, crowd-sourced answers from the people who understand the issue and want to help. As a marketer, Quora may or may not be a channel on your radar, but it should be because, in 2016, they decided to release an advertising platform.

The truth is that even though there are so many different ways to advertise nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise, no matter which platform you choose. In this blog, I’ll make a case for why you should consider adding Quora to your marketing mix, and more specifically, try their advertising.

The Marketing Benefits of Quora

When you think about your marketing strategy and digital advertising, the first things that come to mind are usually social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) or Google. But since Quora has 100 million unique visitors every month, and its ad platform is less competitive than other digital advertising spaces, it gives you a great opportunity to have your brand get discovered by a new audience, position your brand as an expert on a topic, drive traffic to your website, and to have a genuinely successful marketing campaign.

Besides being a platform with less competition, Quora’s key differentiator is its community. People visiting this platform are engaged in discussion and ready to learn and discover new things. That’s why, if you craft your message right, you can get a much higher CTR than on other advertising platforms.

Another benefit is that Quora is an excellent SEO tool—you can explore what people are searching for. Search Engines crawl Quora, just like they do with any other site, which means that your answer can be ranked as the number one result for the searched term, thus driving organic traffic. Furthermore, you can always redirect users to your site in your answer to read a more detailed description.

Getting Started With Ads

As I mentioned, Quora released its advertising platform in April 2016, but it’s still in Beta. This means that you will have to send an email asking for access. Why bother asking for access? It gives you leverage compared to your competitors.

The fact that you have to get permission, makes the process very selective. This is how Quora enables only quality and relevant ads appear to users. Additionally, not many companies advertise on Quora (they might not know about this new Quora feature), which means that if you gain access—you are already one step ahead of your competitors. Once you send the email, you should receive a reply with detailed instructions how to proceed.

Set Up Your Ad Account

In order to create ads, you need to have a profile on Quora. So if you already don’t have one, create Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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