How to Get More Unique Customers With Crazy-Effective Abandoned Cart Emails

By Lianna Patch

Quick quiz:

How many times today have you been in the middle of doing something, gotten a notification or an email or a text or just gotten plain ol’ distracted… and forgotten to finish what you started?

I’m guessing it’s happened at least once today. And you’re not alone. Guess who else falls prey to distractions mid-task?

Your customers.

They’re rolling right along inside your store, adding items to their cart — and then their browser crashes. Or their phone rings. Or they remember the documentary on albino micropigs that they were watching in another tab.

If only this documentary existed.

My point is that not all of your customers abandon their carts on purpose. There’s a good chance they’re just getting distracted. And they might only need a tiny bit of help to remember what they left behind.

That’s why I want to show you how to write irresistible Abandoned Cart emails.

This simple, automated follow-up campaign gives you a fighting chance to recover the shockingly high percentage — our data shows nearly 70% — of shoppers who get cold feet at checkout.

The 3 elements of crazy-effective Abandoned Cart emails

First things first. Remember that in order to even send an abandoned cart email, you’ll need to grab your user’s email address as soon as possible in the checkout process.

Some stores require account creation or email address entry up front, while others roll that form field into a single-page checkout. Whatever makes the checkout process feel as easy as possible for your buyers is the right way to go.

What are the 3 elements of effective Abandoned Cart emails?

  1. They REMIND the user she’s not done
  2. They URGE the user to take action and finish what she started
  3. They FOLLOW UP more than just once

1. REMIND the user she’s not done

It’s entirely possible that your user meant to check out, but got distracted by:

  • A notification
  • A real-life tap on the shoulder
  • One of her other six million tabs
  • The crushing recollection that she still owes her mom $200

But her intentions were pure. She wanted to buy from your store. She just forgot to finish doing it.

So pop into her inbox and make it very clear that for whatever reason, she left her purchase at that cliffhanger moment — and her items won’t be delivered into her eager hands until she comes back to finish.

Here’s how lingerie maker True&Co puts that reminder in its email copy:

You can also offer alternatives to checkout, like support or related product recommendations. It’s possible your user was just having trouble understanding if your products would work for her.

Along with the urgent language above, True&Co’s abandoned cart email offers “New Recommendations” and ends with an offer of customer support:

2. URGE your user to finish what she started

Most people HATE leaving things unfinished.

It’s why we can’t sleep at night, thinking of that email we really should have sent already… or that passion project we dove into months ago and then quietly stopped working on.

In fact, the act of completing a task or Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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