How to Get Facebook’s Video Starter Kit for Businesses

By Ana Gotter

Facebook video starter kit

We’ve talked about the supplies you need to get set up for video marketing here on our blog and how expensive video marketing in general can be. We’ve also talked a good bit about how important video marketing is, regardless of the cost.

Facebook understands both of these facts to be true. This is why they’ve created their Video Starter Kits, which are available to businesses in the US based on approval. All you’ll need to provide is your smart phone, and they’ll hook you up with the rest.

Let’s take a closer look at Facebook’s Video Starter Kit for businesses and how you can get one for free (and what to do if you can’t)…

What is Facebook’s Video Starter Kit?

Facebook’s Video Starter Kit is part physical and part digital (at least that’s what I’m guessing). Businesses who get a video starter kit will be granted three different things:

  • A tripod for your phone, which will allow you to shoot video without a shaky hand
  • A list of suggested mobile apps that can be used to edit videos
  • Tips about video ads from other businesses, which will be beneficial to help you get the most out of Facebook Ads

These video starter kits are completely free, and since the landing page to request one mentions video ads multiple times, they’re almost definitely around to encourage small businesses to invest more into the ads system. Facebook is making it more accessible, after all, with tips, a tripod, and recommended apps. They know video marketing is important, and they want to be a central part of your marketing campaign.

How to Get A Facebook Video Starter Kit

In order to get a Facebook Video Starter Kit, you need to have a Facebook Business Page for a business in the United States. If you fit that description, click over to this page. All you have to do is fill out the form, and Facebook will consider your request for a kit.

It’s that simple. Only one person per business and address can obtain a kit. Not everyone who applies will get one due to the limited supplies. Because of this, if you’re eligible for one and interested, apply immediately before the supply runs out.

Want to Make Your Own?

For all of our readers and customers who aren’t eligible for the video kit, you can breathe easy; making your own video kit isn’t too difficult. You provide the tripod to fit your smart phone, and we’ll provide the rest.

Apps & Tools to Improve Your Marketing Videos

Part 2 of the kit gives businesses a list of suggestions from Facebook detailing different apps they recommend for video editing. I haven’t seen that list, but I can recommend a few of my own favorite tools that I use regularly for this purpose. These include:

    • Camtasia for full-control, do-everything-you-want desktop editing