How to Engage Your Email Subscribers With Rich Media [Infographic]

By Kevin George

rich media email

As we’ve heard: for a campaign to be successful, the email MUST be engaging. The highly talked about – ‘Rich Media’ in emails helps to evoke an emotion that invariably draws greater engagement.

These emails deliver a higher click-through and conversion rate, a rich demonstration of the products along with a strong brand experience for the customer. However, rich media is a highly debated topic when it comes to email marketing, especially with media elements such as – animations, videos, GIF’s, etc.

But here’s something to affirm the richness of rich media.

Dell used animation in one of their email campaigns and got an experience of a lifetime with a 103% increase in their conversion rate. It’s needless to say that a great ‘rich media’ element, used aptly within an email can drive your conversion rates towards the sky.

So what exactly comprises of rich media?

  • Audio in Emails
    Audio is delivered via a plug-in such as Microsoft Media Player or Java. These plug-ins are added in the code of the email. This adds a new dimension to an otherwise flat email message.
  • GIF in Emails
    GIF’s are a popular selection in many emails today. These images add life to an email and have the power to attract and focus the attention of the subscriber.
  • Embedded Video in Emails
    Videos in emails can be really powerful. As per eMarketer, Marketers who used video in email campaigns saw an increase in the click-through rates and the time spent on reading the email along with increased sharing and forwarding.
  • Cinemagraph in Emails
    Cinemagraph is a type of animated GIF that creates an illusion of a never ending video. It’s been received very well by email marketers and is making its way into subscribers’ inbox.

To get an in-depth understanding of these elements and how they convert a plain text email into something amazing, check out EmailMonks’ latest Infographic on ‘Rich Media in Email Marketing’.

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Source:: Business2Community

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